Monday, September 27, 2010

Walk 4 Life - My Life!

Today was our local pregnancy crisis center's fundraiser called Walk/Run 4 Life.  This was my first year to help.  I registered online and asked for supporters to fund me in this very important event.  This organization really interests me - mostly because I have a great friend who is the director of this center.  What a ministry it is to young men and women from our area.  The event was a great success!  But one of the things that hit me while I was helping with registration was that all of these people that were there to walk a 5K or run a 5K ugghh or bicycle a 16K had incorporated exercise into their lifestyles.  From ages 6 and up I saw kids running - walking - and biking!  Which just called me to task on my lifelong battle with weight - - - a subject I have studied, researched, read about, bought books about, attended class for, and talked and talked and talked about . . . and what's that old addage, from Dr. Phil . . . "Why do you keep doing what you have always done and expect a different result?"    I still have the weight!  Although two summers ago I did get on an exercise kick - lost 18 pounds - bicycled up to 20 miles even in one day!  It was great and I felt great!  But it was a phase - not a lifestyle change!  Today I was once again challenged by these "athletes" at the Walk/Run 4 Life - - - exercise and eating right - getting enough rest - - - has to become a disciplined way of life - second nature - by taking one tiny step after another - doing the "next right thing" until these improvements become the "norm".   So for all of you who have listened to me for 25 years - - - say a prayer for me - - - for strength - - - as I try once again to live healthier - and if you have a great success story - please feel free to share!   Heart Choices Walk/Run 4 Life was my blessing for today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

One for the Road

Now I know for sure that I correctly named my blog - - - "A quiet place to share my blessings . . . "  After last week's travels - I must quietly share.  I packed up my suitcases - with everything I would need for five days away from home.  Bubble bath, lotions, a couple of books, and my swimming suit were tucked away for my "me" time when I wasn't attending my meetings!    I headed out on Wed. afternoon for a quick 4 hour trip to Kansas City, Missouri to stay at a fantastic motel right across from Royals Stadium!  I felt fortunate right away because storms were brewing south of me - but the radio announcer and my radar-watching husband assured me it would stay south of I-70.  And it did - with the exception of just a little drizzle that I hit about Topeka.  I was on unfamiliar roads - it was getting darker than normal due to the ominous looking clouds overhead - and the rain was just enough that it flew off all of the cars in the 3 lanes of traffic and made it very hard to see the road. 

As I always do before I travel, I voice a small prayer for safety - for myself and for others on the road with me . . . How thankful I am that I do that.  All of a sudden the traffic that was cruising along at 70+ slowed quickly and I noticed my wheels locked up briefly - but about then the black car in front of me whipped in two complete circles in front of me - clear across 3 lanes of traffic (which by God's great protection were completely empty of people at the time) and he hit the guard rail twice - flipped around and shot back on to the interstate!  By then I could no longer see the vehicle and I hope the folks were okay - I know I was shook up just watching. 

I finally arrive at my destination, pull up to the door, check in and head back out to park my vehicle.  Looking around I knew I would have to park way out in the back parking lot - the place was packed with people checking in to the conference.  As I rounded the corner, I found a perfect spot just about 50 feet away from the front door and so I took it!  Uh oh though, I thought, as I saw a big guy across from me waving me off - I rolled my window down slightly and said, "Can I not park here?"  (I knew it was too good to be true and this nice security guard was going to point it out!)   Whoa was I surprised at what happened next . . . The nice big security officer ha ha came over to my car with his hands up saying "Now ma'am I mean you no harm, I am not armed, I will not hurt you, but my wife and I are from Sedalia, Missouri, and we just had a baby over at Truman and I can't get any money out of the ATM, and I have no gas, and I just need some money to get some gas and get my baby home."  Well - in shock, scared a little, but feeling so thankful for escaping the car accident earlier - I just wanted to "pay it forward" and help this man out!  I reached in and got $30.00 and began to hand it out the window - I withdrew my hand because it just seemed to scary to actually reach out to this complete stranger - and I told him so!  He assured me "Ma'am I mean you no harm, I am so embarrassed for having to ask", and so I gingerly handed the money out the window.   He saw the money and was instantly so excited and thanked me over and over - told me I was an "angel and he would see me in heaven - there would be a special place for me in heaven", he said.  Hmmm . . . well what do you think - was I scammed??  I didn't really think so - I watched him leave the parking lot and I hurried to my room - locked all 3 locks - and piled in bed.  When I left 2 days later I decided to tell the front desk - and you guessed it - - - this wasn't a surprise to them - - - "The last people gave him $20" was what I heard - Two men had been hanging around the parking lot pulling this scam.  So - I guess I am feeling a little "taken" - - - a little "angry" possibly - - - but mostly very very thankful for being safe.  The situation could have gone terribly bad if I had refused the money? maybe not? and sadly, this is the way the world can be at times. 

I finished my meetings on Friday and traveled to a Women's Retreat in Wichita - joined by my daughter and many of my friends - - - and I went praising the Lord all the way for mercy, wisdom, and protection!