Monday, March 9, 2015

We're not in Puerto Vallarta anymore Toto . . . but it was great fun!

Back home in Kansas . . . after having my toes in the water . . . and my toes in the sand . . .

This is God's beauty and it's unbeatable . . . but closely behind is this view for me . . . 

The pool that is beachside . . . you can see the swim up bar - - - which I did  - - - I spent a lot of time here - the first two days of vacation were overcast a bit - but the last three days were filled with clear skies and sunshine and about 85 degrees.  

I need to reevaluate my bucket list in life . . . but I was able to cross one item off and that is to swim in an infinity pool . . . We had made plans last fall to go to the Ozarks for a stay on a lake with infinity pool but I decided to have my gallstone removed instead . . . it was a good choice . . . 

Here I am at the infinity edge . . . water slightly runs over into another pool and is recycled through.

Another fun sight at the pool was this:  

Being a fan of reading . . . I loved finding three people - all alone in the pool one morning - - - reading . . . the third one isn't in this picture . . . 

Another couple of highlights for me - the Mexican Beach Party!  I quickly find myself though wanting to know how and when and where did all of this party come together . . . If I could retire I would become an event planner as a hobby . . . and I have my own assortment of Mexican items to use.  Last year I did an entire table setting for a church fund raiser . . . with spanish theme . . . I love the colors . . . 

Don't get the chance often to enjoy a little beach dress and great food on the beach.  Indian dance performers entertained with a ritual and then dancing to great music was the end of the night.

Another special evening event was titled "Tipsy Sweets" - - - can you make a guess what that was all about??

If you guessed desserts and alcohol you would be right!  Loved the dessert options all over the resort . . . small mini cheese cakes of all flavors, fruit tarts, strawberry delights, fruit kabobs, chocolate mousse, and banana creme brulee spoons . . . yum!  Two of our new friends are seen at our table, Roger and Donna Barrett and Steve and Pam Lilly . . .  Fun times!  Again . . . I took note of the table decorations and the idea of "tipsy sweets"!!

Hubs had a couple of fun picks . . . Fishing on the S.S. Minnow on a 3 hour tour . . . a little worry for me . . . but lots of fun for the guys and gals that went along!

And a sunset cruise through the Banderas Bay ended our vacation stay.   Other than several "Mexican minutes" delay while waiting on our boat to arrive . . . the evening was fun . . . I was happy to endure the cruise which was rocky . . . with no sign of dizziness!

The fishing crew!!

And our long awaited cruise liner!!

Time to go home!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Three hour tour ...

Blogging by the beach is a new experience...

This week Clay and I got to take a trip sponsored by a specialty company tied with his job.   This morning is our next to last day. Hubs is out on a three hour tour ...  3 hour fishing tour that is but brought to mind ...

I'm spending a couple hours beach side alone in my thoughts.  
My sister says we sit for hours and stare at waves because we can.... 
And we can't in Kansas/Nebraska!!!

It's been fun to have a reason to blog again but it is my goal to keep it up with everyday thoughts and everyday feelings, experiences, with real life.

I'll write again before we leave beautiful Puerto Vallarta!  
Where would you go if someone else paid the bill?
Thanks again Verdesian!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sugar and spice...

And everything nice.... That's what most people are made of...

Going on vacation always reminds me of this good thing.  In our real worlds we or at least I tend to focus on the negative... The frustrating...the news on TV is usually about the mean, the hurt , and the stupid.    And as I set to travel I prepare myself to get away from these things and ignore people as much as possible.

Waiting to board a ride to downtown Puerto Vallarta, a couple from Nebraska struck up a conversation with us.  It quickly led to our kids we left behind at home and they "got it" how my huge sombrero sun hat and "fit over" shades were embarrassing to them.    Just kidding. Both of our kids understand my fair skinned dilemma.    Nice people.

Made a new friend last year on a trip to the Dominican Republic. We knew common people and so it was easy to spend time with her and her husband. Ran into them later in the year and so good to reconnect!  Traveling gave us a bond.  We are here in Mexico together now.  Nice people.

Here on the resort I have been treated with kindness and respect.  Of course that's the staff's job right?  

This morning on way to the ocean I was invited to play basketball with four nice native young men. I politely declined but they were serious and so kind.   Nice people.

Spent much time at the pool.   It would seem no one can tell how uncomfortable I can be in a swimsuit ...  Very nice man in hot tub asked about where we live and shared good advice for traveling to his home near Myrtle Beach.  A bucket list item for me!!  Nice person.

Is it just me that needs this reminder and affirmation that people are still mostly good?  Is that why we go on vacations?  Does anyone share my sentiments?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Oh the weather outside is frightful ... Let's go to Mexico!

Thank you to hubs' work for a little mid-winter getaway!!  The snow is blowing and filling up the runway here in south Kansas  and it looks like they are clearing a walk way for us to the plane.  Yes I said walk way outside where it feels like 8 degrees to a small plane.  Oh well part of the adventure right!??

Destination Puerto Vallarta.    Just like the Love Boat!!!  I remember one of my favorite TV programs  as a young person and they often docked in Puerto Vallarta.   We will see mountains and beach.    A little different landscape than normal.

Last year the trip was to Punta Cana,  Dominican Republic and we are so thankful to be included in again this year.

As a planning person I am focusing on true rest for myself.   Time alone with God and hubs.  A few nice new friends to hang out with.   Little shopping in the village and chance to meet the locals.   Some good food and great pools. One big "bucket list" item to check off is to swim in an infinity pool!

I'll keep you all posted but right now I had better go help scoop the runway!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Randomness vs. Intentionalism

Ha!  Did I just create two new words?  But I jotted these two terms down today because one is where I am finding myself lately . . . and the other is where I want to go.

Explanation . . . One of my co-workers and I try to cheerfully refer to a certain amount of paper work that ends up on our desks each day as our "randomness" . . . meaning that nobody wanted to take the time to deal with it so they send it to our department and we must dig our way through it . . .

Definition of random:

     Made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

That is how I have been living lately, randomly, certainly not methodical, and with no conscious decision in several areas of life.  I don't feel my best when living this way.

Definition of intentionalism:

     Oops, I see that intentionalism IS a real word, but it has nothing to do with what I thought . . . soooo I change that to intentional . . . and the definition is "having an aim or plan"  BINGO!

Couple these two words with a quote I ran across this week that basically said "anyone can decide to lose weight . . . but you have to then move . . . "  

This made sense to me and it's not a new concept . . . make a good plan, set a goal to aim for,  and then do it!!    Talk is cheap . . .

So . . . tonight I will finish up this blog . . . and go to sleep . . . no bedtime snack . . . tomorrow I am getting up and having coffee and a muffin . . . enjoy my day at work (spent quite a bit of the weekend at work) so the randomness won't frustrate me as much tomorrow . . . and best of all . . . counting down to Tuesday when the hubs and I take off for a little vacation . . .

Puerto Vallarta . . . here we come . . . I have a plan, I "intend" to have a great time!