Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today I Noticed . . .

Been shopping locally - here in Beloit - that's a good thing right? 

Yes it is but two nights in a row - two different stores - my heart was broken.   

Last night a nasty old man was "allowed" to have a little boy with him - I assume it was grandpa and grandson - - - yelling at the top of his lungs at the little boy - about 3 I would guess - - - telling him in many words just how bad he was acting - ordering him here or there - and saying - No wonder your parents never take you shopping!  Oh let's see -I watched - the little boy walked around looking up at the clothes - wasn't running - wasn't crying - wasn't begging for toys or for anything!!  Just being yelled at cuz an old man evidently wanted to be noticed?? make a scene?  I know that I stopped my shopping and just watched.  And listened.  Sad.  

Tonight more of the same at another store - only we were blessed with both mom and dad.  Little girl was crying - guess she wanted something as they checked out.  Probably didn't need whatever it was.  Then came the loud ugly yell "Shut up that crying - shut it up - shut up"  The little girl - oh yes about 3 began to scream - for her mother - as the dad and I use that word lightly - drug the little one - - - Mom was helpful.  "Shut it up!"  I stopped and stared as they all three left the store and climbed in the car.  I looked around the store was anyone as upset as I was?  Didn't seem so.  I moved out from behind the music cd's and peered out the doors of the store - hoping not to see anything more that might have caused this fed up grandma to bolt after them.  

Yes you might ask - "but did you ever take your children shopping and just want to ring their necks???"  Yes I most certainly did - I did and said some stupid things as a mom.  I don't care.  I am infuriated and actually scared when I see adults yelling at defenseless children.  It has taken me all evening to write this post - I am trying to think of something profound to say - but there is nothing I can say.  No comments express how sad it was.   No way to say why someday I may be in the news for chasing down a stranger and kicking him in the shin!

Blessings found?  Another day to be thankful for my parents and grandparents and many aunts and uncles who treated me with kindness and love.  

"Everything our children hear, see, and feel is recorded onto a cassette. Guess who is the big star in their movie? You are."  -- Stephanie Martson - Parents as Role Models.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Today I Noticed . . .

It's Friday and you know I have had a week of noticing some very strange things . . .

This week it has been all about how I see things differently and experience things differently than I did as a younger woman . . . for example:

     Today I noticed that I am cold.  I am cold through to my bones.  I am known for running in and out of work all winter long with no coat.   The most I would do is grab a light jacket or my leather jacket - unlined - and COLD.    Granted, our temps have dropped to single digits this week and the wind has blown.  Moisture has been in the air and ice has been on walking surfaces . . . and strangely enough . . . I have been cold.  I turned up the furnace and put on flannel pants and long sleeve jammie shirt . . . and thought to myself . . . girl you are getting older . . .

    Today I noticed that I am becoming oh just rather a grump . . . I try not to share much about work on my blog - but I may have mentioned before that we have gone through a two year period of computer conversions.  If you are one of my best friends, or one of my sisters, my mother, my children, my hubs, my post man, dentist, or hairdresser . . . I may have mentioned that I am frustrated with work.  I am not a perfectionist, I make plenty of mistakes and I own them.   I work with others at my job and follow the rules my mother taught me - say please, say thank you, keep your word, and be nice.  But mooooommmm,  you don't understand . . . these "people" are rude and lazy and they tell lies and they avoid work at all costs - and other than making my job harder than it need be . . . they really aren't my problem . . . EXCEPT that I have noticed I am becoming a tad bit negative and cynical . . . and I don't like it!!    I find myself impatient with other people in the public who I deem are being rude, lazy and dishonest.  The good thing about noticing this behavior in myself is that I can change it!  Nothing warms my heart more than the UPS man who delivers my Avon at 8:30 at night when the temperature is nearing 0 degrees - - - HE gets my respect and praise - - - as does the cashier at the grocery store who helps me with my groceries - - - and the pharmacist who researches the best medicine for the money for me - - - and the waitress who does a wonderful job at my favorite restaurant.   All people doing their jobs.  THEIR moms would be proud.  

I hope you have a great weekend!  

It's all a matter of paying attention, being awake in the present moment, and not expecting a huge payoff. The magic in this world seems to work in whispers and small kindnesses.”

― Charles de Lint

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Caught this song on the radio recently and it quickly became a possible post idea . . .

When I was a child I would take the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog and the JCPenney Christmas Catalog and pour over them day and night.     My sisters would take their turn and fold back the pages to mark our favorite things.  We had a "Christmas List"  Somehow I never remember a Christmas that I didn't get just what I always wanted!

The words to this song . . .

   No more lives torn a part
   And wars would never start
   Time would heal all hearts
   Everyone would have a friend
   And right would always win
   And love would never end 
  This is my grown up Christmas list

They made me melancholy and reflective as I listened.  I actually even said this year just recently, "There is NOTHING, that I need for Christmas!"  I guess I have reached that age where I have what I need and I'm not focused on things!   A grown up Christmas list . . . what a thought . . . and if we could write a letter to Santa and ask for those things on our "list"  - mine might look like this . . . 

        Dear Santa,

          These are the things I'd like on my grown up Christmas list . . .

               Peace on Earth . . . well I'll settle for Peace in my family's heart.

               Healthy babies in the family when the time is right.

               All technology in my life to work.  Always.  

               Parents to stay healthy and happy.  

               Children to grow in love in their marriages and closer to God.

               No child or woman to be hit.  Ever.

               A simple cure for cancer and Alzheimer's.  Or a not so simple one would do also.

               Weight to drop off as I talk about losing it.

               The worst thing to happen to a child at school - a broken finger - like me.

               No car accidents.

               And lastly, I'd like time to read the books that I bring home from the library.  

               Oh and, I'd like library late fees to be reduced.  

I joke about some - I take to heart some - I'm thankful and blessed that I do have what I need and that what is most important to me is not things.  

Enjoy the song!