Monday, September 27, 2010

Walk 4 Life - My Life!

Today was our local pregnancy crisis center's fundraiser called Walk/Run 4 Life.  This was my first year to help.  I registered online and asked for supporters to fund me in this very important event.  This organization really interests me - mostly because I have a great friend who is the director of this center.  What a ministry it is to young men and women from our area.  The event was a great success!  But one of the things that hit me while I was helping with registration was that all of these people that were there to walk a 5K or run a 5K ugghh or bicycle a 16K had incorporated exercise into their lifestyles.  From ages 6 and up I saw kids running - walking - and biking!  Which just called me to task on my lifelong battle with weight - - - a subject I have studied, researched, read about, bought books about, attended class for, and talked and talked and talked about . . . and what's that old addage, from Dr. Phil . . . "Why do you keep doing what you have always done and expect a different result?"    I still have the weight!  Although two summers ago I did get on an exercise kick - lost 18 pounds - bicycled up to 20 miles even in one day!  It was great and I felt great!  But it was a phase - not a lifestyle change!  Today I was once again challenged by these "athletes" at the Walk/Run 4 Life - - - exercise and eating right - getting enough rest - - - has to become a disciplined way of life - second nature - by taking one tiny step after another - doing the "next right thing" until these improvements become the "norm".   So for all of you who have listened to me for 25 years - - - say a prayer for me - - - for strength - - - as I try once again to live healthier - and if you have a great success story - please feel free to share!   Heart Choices Walk/Run 4 Life was my blessing for today!

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  1. You know I don't have a success story to share :) but you also know you've got my support - through prayer or anything else I can do. You've got a good attitude for making "life changes". Hang in there! Love ya


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