Thursday, August 30, 2012

and finally . . .

Do you notice the sounds around you?  Are you aware of what is happening outside your four walls? Do you like solitude or party central in your neighborhood?   I have always paid attention to the sounds going on around me in "my town".  In our previous town of Glen Elder it was very quiet, but we lived on the busiest street in town.  I loved that!  Harvest time was my all time favorite.  What could be more exciting and more of a reminder than what we do here in Kansas, than buzzing wheat trucks and semis up and down the street for two weeks each summer - and then it would stop.  And things would be quiet again.  Now in our new town of Beloit, I am starting to enjoy some very kewl "noises" here as well.

I love to sit outside or actually as I began this blog I heard one pass over at this late hour!  That is airplanes.  We live a couple of blocks from the end of the city and the city's airport!  How fun is that. One day at the clothes line I looked up and saw a yellow spray plane barreling over my back yard.  I love watching them take off or fly in low to land.  Could this be someone taking off on a little short trip? or is it a medical emergency needing airlifted to a bigger hospital?    Love the planes.  So is it my medical background? or am i just strange? but I also notice the sirens.  Coming from a town of less than 500 where sirens happened fairly infrequently and usually involved someone you knew well - here in Beloit the sirens are more often and I may never know what or who is involved.  So to say I like the sirens seems very uncaring - so I'll say I enjoy the sounds of people helping people!  

And lastly for sounds - - - is my neighbor's wind chimes - beautiful soft musical wind chimes.  I have to be bold and go seeking them out!  What's a better way to meet a new neighbor than over tea on the patio where I believe I will FIND those wind chimes!  May have to invite myself over very soon!

I will wrap this up on my blessings found in a move . . . with a very important "find" here in Beloit.  As my sister and I have been on a mission to lose weight and become healthier, exercise has become a huge part of our lifestyle now.  I'm thrilled to have the NCK Wellness Center available to me, many parks and scenic routes, and a newly built-not quite done walking trail!   And also - A 2 mile "countryside walk" from my house out to the country with just a few steps!    Dog walks, Bike rides, Strolls in the country, intense walks along the path, swimming and golf are all things I count as blessings each day.

Loving it here - Thanking God for making it possible!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

More on Moving . . .

I mentioned we have recently sold our family home in Glen Elder, KS and moved to nearby Beloit, KS.   Stresses come with moving of course - - - but I'm writing to remind myself to focus on the blessings instead of the stresses . . .

Blessing #4 - Living closer to my parents!  I only lived 23 miles from them before - but now with the move to Beloit the distance is 16 miles or less - I see my mom so much more often!  The reason of course is location, location, location.  Beloit is just a short jaunt for mom and the site of her drs. office, her hospital, Dairy Queen! and Alco!  So . . . she and some of her friends make frequent trips to "town" and she knows the invitation to drop by is always open.  She and her friends refuse to stop every time they come down but I will settle for now and then!

Blessing #5 - is going to the dogs!  Well two special dogs anyway ... We have two family pets, a Boston Terror I mean Terrier and a Weimaraner named Roy.    Dodger, the BT is our baby and our house dog - - - Roy was our son's dog and he purposefully picked out the biggest puppy in the litter - so naturally he has grown to be one very big strong dog!   The new home has a fenced in back yard which alllllll of us love!  The whole move was worth it, just giving the big dog especially, a new life!  He had been confined to a 12 x 24 pen before.  He still spends time in that pen here but spends several hours each day and most of the weekends in the yard where he can run, play, sleep, and yes he even had his own "pool" on those 105+ days of summer!

Blessing #6 - The amenities  -  love them!  So nice to have a grocery store, Alco, Dollar General, Drug store, library, swimming pool, doctor's office, hospital (also my place of employment) and lastly, places to eat!  Although Dairy Queen ice cream can be very tempting and a place I must avoid!  I always felt that our previous home town of Glen Elder was a great little town and I always enjoyed the things they had to offer as well.  Where else could you find a zoo park with a deer, donkey and a peacock?? but the grocery store ranks #1 on my list of things to have just down the street!

More blessings next time I post - - - sounds of sirens, airplanes and walking routes - - - will top my list!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

We've Moved!

After 25 years of living in Glen Elder, KS - we have relocated down the highway about 12 miles.  Not a big move but an exciting one!  A couple of events caused us to think that possibly we should do this #1 We had decided a few months back to search out a new church and had comfortably settled into Beloit First Christian Church.  #2 event was that Clay's job had been transferred over to Beloit at the Farmway Fertilizer Plant.  This was a place he had worked years before and now that he was returning, the fact that I worked in Beloit as well, and our church was here . . . we thought maybe it was time we considered the move??  Within a month we had a family offer to buy our home and so we quickly found a home to buy in Beloit.  The journey began.  It has been quite a journey, but I will share parts of that later.  My blog is a place to share my blessings and so that is what I will spend some time doing . . .    

     Blessing #1 - Cleaning out!  Cupboards, drawers, closets, basement, sheds and garages!

     Blessing #2 - It's hard work and good exercise!  Which worked out great with my endeavor to lose weight since February of 2012!  The 25 pounds I had lost sure made moving easier and I had more energy!

     Blessing #3 - Working side by side with husband, Clay, (for the most part) was much fun!  Rebuilding a work bench in the new garage, cleaning out sheds, building dog house, fixing minor and nearly major plumbing issues, and everting one near drastic water softener disaster!

Follow me along for more "moving" blessings to be added soon!