Sunday, August 25, 2013

I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it . . .

Jonathan Winters gets the credit for this post title.  He said it - I didn't.  I liked the quote though and it fit right in with where I am at right now.  Have had bloggers block.  Writers rot.   Humor halt.  Have not been productive with my weight loss.  Nor my exercise.  Not accomplishing my summer reading list.  Summer Bucket list has been knocked over, tossed around, and kicked out of the way!

Luckily with patience from my family and a couple close friends, a new group I have joined, and mostly a loving God who doesn't give up on me ever - I have decided that "I can't wait for success, I have to go ahead without it . . . "  Like the quote says - forgetting that it's late August and I haven't started Algebra 1 yet nor ridden my bicycle 25 miles in one day - - - forgetting that my daily or near daily blog posts have slowed to weekly or every 10 days posts - - - and forgetting that I had lost 30 pounds last year and only have 15 to show for it now - - - I will continue on . . .

I won't bore everyone with any kind of plug for NutriSystem - which is the plan I have followed for my weight loss but I will share that I have learned that I can do the math and follow the plan - I can eat correctly.  I know how.  My problem has always been that I turn to food many times when I shouldn't.  I won't bore everyone with a psychological analysis of a food addict - but Hi, My name is Teri and I am an overeater!  

So - what went wrong?  Why have I struggled this last six months?  Right in the middle of asking myself these hard questions and wondering what I can do to get control again - our church announced that they were starting a group for people who struggle with weight issues - Celebrate Freedom!  The name itself is an encouragement to me because if you have ever been under the spell and draw of food - - - you long for freedom from it - - - as does anyone with an addiction.

The group has been very good.  The focus is not on the scales or the food but eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are full.  That's it.  Pretty much what God intended.    The study group goes through the 12 step program that AA uses only they have put a Christian slant which incudes prayer and studying God's word about his plan for us.  The Bible is full of examples of those who try to stand strong on their own instead of following God.  The best thing though for me began with Step 2 when we realize that God loves us.  I am guessing that a lot of folks who eat emotionally - for comfort or companionship, to relieve stress and boredom might also admit that they have some self esteem issues.   I have always said that if a person could completely understand how much they mean to our Heavenly Father - there would be no depression and low morale .  It has been hard for me to grasp it!!   Through this group and some other spiritual growth I have undergone in the past few years I think it has clicked with me.  I'm not a perfect person and I have made mistakes.   God takes those mistakes and forgets them!  So I am too.

I can't go into the whole study here - but the point I want to leave you with is that when we believe we are created and loved dearly - and we are forgiven - the next step that comes naturally is to live in a way that says thanks!  I'm hopeful that I have reached that step - or I wouldn't be blogging about it.   I am hopeful that I am winning the war with overeating and have made a huge step in putting FOOD where it belongs!!!

Somehow along with getting back to healthy eating - I have been renewed to exercise, get rest, and relax with some crafts or books!  

Blessings found this last week in moving forward with goals - looking for success down the road!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


I love to be comfortable, don't you?  I love to be comfortable in the clothes I wear, in the chairs I sit in, the shoes I wear, and the situations in which I find myself.    I must be comfortable in the dentist chair, in the driver's seat, and on my bicycle.    I need a comfortable amount of money in the bank account, a certain comfortable amount of food in my stomach (that's for another blog soon)  and a comfortable and secure feeling that "the kids" are happy and doing fine.

Thought I would focus on a few of these areas . . . and yes later I will tell you exactly what prompted this blog post.

Clothes - - - My wardrobe is not something I spend a lot of time focusing on - but I do need and like to have some nice outfits to wear to work and some stylish sporty outfits for travel and going out.  I limit myself in many ways:

     No collars.

     No high necks.

     No long sleeves.

Yeh - makes it a little hard to shop.

Chairs - -  - I have three favorite recliners - I'm in one of them now - nothing better than a quick nap in one with the ceiling fan going in the summer and a blanket and the heat in the winter time.    Nothing feels as good as deciding on purpose, with great intent and much forethought - to take a nap - - - while hubs is watching his shows in his chair. 

Situations - - - Sadly, too many situations I deal with - are not comforting  . . . but I'm working on those.  So - comfortable is with my family and a few close friends - and some family who ARE my closest friends!   People being drama-less - low maintenance - honest - and oh not stupid.   Yeh well I'm working on that too.

Places - - - Everybody has their favorite place to hide out - away from the stress of your day - - - the bubble bath - the hot tub - the local pub - the patio or garden - the lake - the beach - best friends kitchen - mom's house - I have these too and love them all.

Recently I decided that one place I am really comfortable - is in my bed - and even more than my own bed - - - I dream of climbing into the guest bed at our daughter's house - very soft and roomy and welcoming.    My son's guest room is great too - well - thank you Julia and Nikki for giving up your comfy beds!  But one of my favs is to go to a nice motel like the Hampton Inn - Hilton - Holiday Inn - etc.!  When did motels start making such nice clean, soft, plush, comfy, white cozy beds!!      Unfortunately I had to crawl out of this one too quickly last weekend - but it was a great night of rest!

And while I was catching up on some reading - relaxing with the hubs and the TV - preparing to help move our granddaughter to college the next day - I thought - I REALLY like to be comfortable!  I think I will spend more time focusing on "being comfortable"  in my clothes which means losing more weight ---  in my own skin, which means liking myself more and letting others bother me less --- and in my surroundings, which means taking/making time for naps, rest after work, relaxing on the patio, surrounding myself with people I enjoy, activities I enjoy, just living the good life God has blessed me with.

Definition:  Comfort:  A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.   -- noun

But oh wait - - - it's a verb too - - - comfort - - - soothe in grief, console.

Guess I can't be so greedy huh - - - I can have my comfort and hopefully offer some to others too!

Friday, August 9, 2013

What's a grandma to do . . .

As a reward for being a great mother you become a grandma and when you have great grandchildren that's because you are a great grandma!   -- Suzie Griffeth

Well I don't know about the great mother and great grandma part . . . but I guess I did all right as they sure all grew up to be wonderful people.  But me - a great grandma at age 54??  This little precious armful is Grayson Leo Konda and he was six days old when I got to see him for the first time.  I have sixgrandkids - five girls and one boy - they range in ages from 10 - 28.  My grandson Ben and his wife Angie are the proud parents of Grayson!  The first great grand!

                               Dad and Grayson

                     Mom  Dad  and Grayson

                         Grandpa and Grayson

                Grandma Casey and Grayson

After stopping overnight to see the new baby I traveled down to Texas to see my son and his family.    They are also going through life changes there as their oldest daughter Nikki is college boundin just a few days!  We are thrilled as she will be attending a college in Central Oklahoma only five hours from us.  She will be playing volleyball and several games will be on up in Kansas very nearby!  What fun for us!!  The middle granddaughter Julia will be recuperating from surgery later this summer and the youngest Elaine will be starting 5th grade very soon. 

                           Julia    Gloria    Nikki    Elaine     
                             Summer Vacation in Vegas

                    Todd heading out for a day of golf

And speaking of life changes . . . This is my granddaughter - Kristi - who lives nearby in Kansas - But I haven't seen her for a little while  - - she seems to be spending a lot of her free time with this nice young guy - - - Hope to see them very soon!!

                                             Kristi and RJ

Grandparenting - - - it is the best thing in life - - - I enjoy them each and every one - - - I pray for them nearly daily - - - I worry over them  - - - shed some tears over them - - - laugh with them - - - spoil them   - - -

Blessings!  of the Grand kind!