Friday, September 2, 2016

Fall begins . . .

Actually not until September 22, do we get to officially settle into Autumn 2016.  I start early.  I love Memorial Day to Labor Day - my favorite time of the year.  Now I'm starting to enjoy Labor Day through New Year's Eve about as much.  Seasons bring about special memories for me and make me think of my favorite things for each time of the year.  Fall is the season when I discovered flavored coffee's, Book Clubs, Readathons, and Kenny G Christmas. 

My sister Tami moved to Beloit, KS in Fall of 1999.    We had really started to bond together as best friends around that time and we did it from a distance - - - we did it with a book club.  I've written about it several times . . . it's named after me . . . and Tami . . . T & T Book Club - the debate is still ongoing whether it's Teri and Tami's Book Club or Tami and Teri's Book Club . . .We used it as a way to keep in touch every month.  We took turns picking a book for the month - sharing the book announcement excitedly.  We would both read and then discuss and sometimes carry out special projects in honor of the book theme.  As I said, Tami moved here in 1999 and the book club has always continued - however, when we lived practically next door to each other for a few years, the book club took a less important role in our lives.  Also during that time period, we gathered for French Vanilla fresh ground coffee after school.  We had never lived in that close proximity and we made the most of it!  It is still one of my all time favorite memories.  We listened to Christmas music and christened Halloween as the official start of the Holiday Season.

That time period ended sadly for both of us, but the book club and love of books has continued  between us ever since.  We do read different types of books and that does make it tricky to share a book - we have also gotten busy with jobs and families and life . . . and the book club has been hard to keep up with.  But don't count us out!!  We have once again revived it as of September 1, 2016.  We have our old determination back - and have committed to a book a month - and we will take turns picking.  We each made a list of books we have on our TBR shelves and will pick from them.  I'm officially underway with book #1 and will post about it when I'm done. 

This brings me to my next favorite thing about Fall - - - Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon.  I often heard Tami talk about it - 24 hours of reading with other bookaholics - snacks - prizes - challenges - cheerleaders - all sounded very new to me - and then I tried it.  I was hooked! 

I am already making plans for the October 22, 2016 readathon.  They are held twice a year in October and April.  You can check it out online for the history and details.  Sign-ups should start soon.

What season is your favorite?  And why?  Does the readathon sound fun and would you like to join?  If you are in a book club - I'd love to hear how yours works! 

Here is to a healthy fall, full of reading, enjoying some outdoor activities, good coffee, prayer and devotion!  Tami intends to fire up her blogging skills a little more and that challenged me to do likewise.  This is still a good place to come for some quiet reflection and sharing my blessings . . .

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  1. Fall and winter have always been my favorite time - for all the reasons you list. You are the one who taught me to enjoy the colors of spring - decorating with flowers outside in summer - enjoying the patio (or porch). I think we started sitting on your back porch watching my kids ride the 4-wheeler round and round the yard!

    Even though each season has special things to offer, Fall is still my favorite. Bring on the coffee, Christmas music and sweaters!


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