Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is There Any Sweeter Sound?

"Just a minute - - - I'm telling grandma what kind of birthday cake I want", said my granddaughter Elaine tonight while we were talking on the phone.  Is there any sweeter name than to be called "grandma"??? 

I'm forcing myself to blog tonight - this is where I am to share my blessings - - - but some days - it's hard to do - - - for instance - how can a person be so excited on a Friday to take off with your favorite person - your granddaughter (oops sorry Casey - I know that is your spot too) pack your bags, jump on the plane and in 3 hours be with family in Texas!  It's fun - it's exciting - and I have all this energy to make the trip.  Then two short days later - - - I pack up with - still my favorite little person - and head back to the airport - but it's the "drive of doom" in my heart - - - time went too fast!!!  We are saying good bye again!  Not only do I have to say goodbye to my son and his family - - - I watch them say goodbye to their littlest girl too - - - and then when landing in Kansas - I say goodbye to my granddaughter and the trip is done.  I have sooooo much to be thankful for with this awesome family of mine - - - but I will still fight back tears as I drive back to my quiet, little house, where it's just me, grandpa, and the two dogs.

Now this may sound a little bleak - so - let me snap out of my doldrums and praise the Lord who gives me the capability to spend time with family like we do.  I have a job that allows me time off - I have the health to travel - I have been given the opportunity to work for the funds to travel occasionally - My husband will go with me - or will let me go alone if he is working - and I have been kept safe (and see my first post if you have any doubts!)  

It's not that I ever planned on my two children staying close to home after college - we are very proud of them both for being college graduates - Go Tigers!  Go Hornets! - - - and we have enjoyed so many warm family times sight-seeing, moving them, holidays, concerts, movies, the beach, the ocean, and just hanging out.  BUT I still miss them all.

I have a favorite line from the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" - - - Meryl Streep is the mother of two teenagers and she begins to feel as if they don't need her anymore - she explains it to Clint Eastwood in this way . . . "When a woman decides to marry and have children, in one way her life begins, but in another way her life stops . . . and she just stays steady so her children can grow around her and build for her a life of details . . . and then when they grow up, they leave, taking your life of details with them, and you don't know what you want because it has been so long since anybody even asked you . . . "    I think that is absolutely beautiful and so true for us moms.  I passed this along to both my sisters, and they are now finding it out for themselves.  My "details" have grown up and are now parents themselves and I have "new details" with in-laws, and grandchildren, etc. 

This is life - and I am very thankful to be living it each day - even if some days I get the blues and want to wrap them all up and bring them home to stay again - The next day I'm living and loving my life, my friends, my hobbies, my work, and I realize once again that my "details" never go way - they just relocate - and every once in a while - they call up or come home - or I pick up the phone and hear "Hi Grandma!" and I'm back to counting every blessing!

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  1. Beautifully said! It's so difficult to let go - even a little bit - of those pieces of your heart that you devoted everything to for so long. You are a wonderful Grandma and I'm always amazed at the time and effort you put into your children's lives. Keep up the good work - and finish well. :)


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