Thursday, August 23, 2012

We've Moved!

After 25 years of living in Glen Elder, KS - we have relocated down the highway about 12 miles.  Not a big move but an exciting one!  A couple of events caused us to think that possibly we should do this #1 We had decided a few months back to search out a new church and had comfortably settled into Beloit First Christian Church.  #2 event was that Clay's job had been transferred over to Beloit at the Farmway Fertilizer Plant.  This was a place he had worked years before and now that he was returning, the fact that I worked in Beloit as well, and our church was here . . . we thought maybe it was time we considered the move??  Within a month we had a family offer to buy our home and so we quickly found a home to buy in Beloit.  The journey began.  It has been quite a journey, but I will share parts of that later.  My blog is a place to share my blessings and so that is what I will spend some time doing . . .    

     Blessing #1 - Cleaning out!  Cupboards, drawers, closets, basement, sheds and garages!

     Blessing #2 - It's hard work and good exercise!  Which worked out great with my endeavor to lose weight since February of 2012!  The 25 pounds I had lost sure made moving easier and I had more energy!

     Blessing #3 - Working side by side with husband, Clay, (for the most part) was much fun!  Rebuilding a work bench in the new garage, cleaning out sheds, building dog house, fixing minor and nearly major plumbing issues, and everting one near drastic water softener disaster!

Follow me along for more "moving" blessings to be added soon!


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