Thursday, August 15, 2013


I love to be comfortable, don't you?  I love to be comfortable in the clothes I wear, in the chairs I sit in, the shoes I wear, and the situations in which I find myself.    I must be comfortable in the dentist chair, in the driver's seat, and on my bicycle.    I need a comfortable amount of money in the bank account, a certain comfortable amount of food in my stomach (that's for another blog soon)  and a comfortable and secure feeling that "the kids" are happy and doing fine.

Thought I would focus on a few of these areas . . . and yes later I will tell you exactly what prompted this blog post.

Clothes - - - My wardrobe is not something I spend a lot of time focusing on - but I do need and like to have some nice outfits to wear to work and some stylish sporty outfits for travel and going out.  I limit myself in many ways:

     No collars.

     No high necks.

     No long sleeves.

Yeh - makes it a little hard to shop.

Chairs - -  - I have three favorite recliners - I'm in one of them now - nothing better than a quick nap in one with the ceiling fan going in the summer and a blanket and the heat in the winter time.    Nothing feels as good as deciding on purpose, with great intent and much forethought - to take a nap - - - while hubs is watching his shows in his chair. 

Situations - - - Sadly, too many situations I deal with - are not comforting  . . . but I'm working on those.  So - comfortable is with my family and a few close friends - and some family who ARE my closest friends!   People being drama-less - low maintenance - honest - and oh not stupid.   Yeh well I'm working on that too.

Places - - - Everybody has their favorite place to hide out - away from the stress of your day - - - the bubble bath - the hot tub - the local pub - the patio or garden - the lake - the beach - best friends kitchen - mom's house - I have these too and love them all.

Recently I decided that one place I am really comfortable - is in my bed - and even more than my own bed - - - I dream of climbing into the guest bed at our daughter's house - very soft and roomy and welcoming.    My son's guest room is great too - well - thank you Julia and Nikki for giving up your comfy beds!  But one of my favs is to go to a nice motel like the Hampton Inn - Hilton - Holiday Inn - etc.!  When did motels start making such nice clean, soft, plush, comfy, white cozy beds!!      Unfortunately I had to crawl out of this one too quickly last weekend - but it was a great night of rest!

And while I was catching up on some reading - relaxing with the hubs and the TV - preparing to help move our granddaughter to college the next day - I thought - I REALLY like to be comfortable!  I think I will spend more time focusing on "being comfortable"  in my clothes which means losing more weight ---  in my own skin, which means liking myself more and letting others bother me less --- and in my surroundings, which means taking/making time for naps, rest after work, relaxing on the patio, surrounding myself with people I enjoy, activities I enjoy, just living the good life God has blessed me with.

Definition:  Comfort:  A state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.   -- noun

But oh wait - - - it's a verb too - - - comfort - - - soothe in grief, console.

Guess I can't be so greedy huh - - - I can have my comfort and hopefully offer some to others too!


  1. Great post. I, too, have my "comfort" spots - and I love a comfy bed with down comforter on a chilly night.

    Surrounding yourself with comfortable people is amazing, too. Your house is one of my favorite "comfy" places.

    1. Thank you Tami - your house always comes to mind too when I want to escape - hide out - and be comfortable!


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