Friday, August 9, 2013

What's a grandma to do . . .

As a reward for being a great mother you become a grandma and when you have great grandchildren that's because you are a great grandma!   -- Suzie Griffeth

Well I don't know about the great mother and great grandma part . . . but I guess I did all right as they sure all grew up to be wonderful people.  But me - a great grandma at age 54??  This little precious armful is Grayson Leo Konda and he was six days old when I got to see him for the first time.  I have sixgrandkids - five girls and one boy - they range in ages from 10 - 28.  My grandson Ben and his wife Angie are the proud parents of Grayson!  The first great grand!

                               Dad and Grayson

                     Mom  Dad  and Grayson

                         Grandpa and Grayson

                Grandma Casey and Grayson

After stopping overnight to see the new baby I traveled down to Texas to see my son and his family.    They are also going through life changes there as their oldest daughter Nikki is college boundin just a few days!  We are thrilled as she will be attending a college in Central Oklahoma only five hours from us.  She will be playing volleyball and several games will be on up in Kansas very nearby!  What fun for us!!  The middle granddaughter Julia will be recuperating from surgery later this summer and the youngest Elaine will be starting 5th grade very soon. 

                           Julia    Gloria    Nikki    Elaine     
                             Summer Vacation in Vegas

                    Todd heading out for a day of golf

And speaking of life changes . . . This is my granddaughter - Kristi - who lives nearby in Kansas - But I haven't seen her for a little while  - - she seems to be spending a lot of her free time with this nice young guy - - - Hope to see them very soon!!

                                             Kristi and RJ

Grandparenting - - - it is the best thing in life - - - I enjoy them each and every one - - - I pray for them nearly daily - - - I worry over them  - - - shed some tears over them - - - laugh with them - - - spoil them   - - -

Blessings!  of the Grand kind! 


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