Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Caught this song on the radio recently and it quickly became a possible post idea . . .

When I was a child I would take the Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog and the JCPenney Christmas Catalog and pour over them day and night.     My sisters would take their turn and fold back the pages to mark our favorite things.  We had a "Christmas List"  Somehow I never remember a Christmas that I didn't get just what I always wanted!

The words to this song . . .

   No more lives torn a part
   And wars would never start
   Time would heal all hearts
   Everyone would have a friend
   And right would always win
   And love would never end 
  This is my grown up Christmas list

They made me melancholy and reflective as I listened.  I actually even said this year just recently, "There is NOTHING, that I need for Christmas!"  I guess I have reached that age where I have what I need and I'm not focused on things!   A grown up Christmas list . . . what a thought . . . and if we could write a letter to Santa and ask for those things on our "list"  - mine might look like this . . . 

        Dear Santa,

          These are the things I'd like on my grown up Christmas list . . .

               Peace on Earth . . . well I'll settle for Peace in my family's heart.

               Healthy babies in the family when the time is right.

               All technology in my life to work.  Always.  

               Parents to stay healthy and happy.  

               Children to grow in love in their marriages and closer to God.

               No child or woman to be hit.  Ever.

               A simple cure for cancer and Alzheimer's.  Or a not so simple one would do also.

               Weight to drop off as I talk about losing it.

               The worst thing to happen to a child at school - a broken finger - like me.

               No car accidents.

               And lastly, I'd like time to read the books that I bring home from the library.  

               Oh and, I'd like library late fees to be reduced.  

I joke about some - I take to heart some - I'm thankful and blessed that I do have what I need and that what is most important to me is not things.  

Enjoy the song!





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