Monday, June 9, 2014

Time to read!

After a week's vacation spent at home with my granddaughter - I look forward to a little down time for reading.  Not that I don't wish she was still here - and each day was packed with fun things to do!  Somehow this little girl of 11 years has seemed more like a best friend to me than a child I "take care of" when she comes to visit . . . but that's a subject for a day when I can better put it into words . . . 

I have some books on loan also from my local library and will probably have to return a couple before I actually get them all read this summer - but it is my goal to finish up my first book of the summer and move right on into the first of three books written by Jane Green.  I picked the books due to their covers and their titles . . . after all who hasn't wanted to "Swap Lives" or get a "Second Chance" and especially live in "The Beach House"??

As soon as I can wrap up with "Snow Melts in Spring" which is nearly a finish . . . I will be starting in on Jane Green's Swapping Lives . . . 

Thanks to Rachael for sponsoring this week long read as many library books as you can event!

Happy Reading everyone!


  1. I have never read Jane Green, but those books look interesting.

  2. I've only read a couple of Jane Green's books, but have enjoyed them very much. I think I need to put some of these on my wishlist and schedule them into my reading rotation.


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