Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Greatest Great

All grandparents think that their grandchildren are the best right!  So I know that as much as I think our newest family member is the Greatest - - - You may beg to differ - - - but I hope you enjoy meeting our Great Grandson Grayson.

                                Grayson and dad

First thing that I'm sure popped into your mind - knowing that I'm a 55 year old is how could I have a great grandson already!!  Interesting twist in our family tree is that our daughter and favorite son-in-law are an "age gap relationship" and so the young gentleman in this picture is Ben - he is my grandson by marriage and as you can see - Grayson is his look alike son - hence - I'm a great grandma!!  I love it!!  We have been blessed with the family that our daughter married into - but now back to the star of the blog today . . . 

                   Grayson and Grandma Casey

Grayson is nearly one year old but he has stolen my heart in this short time.  It's interesting to me that I feel "different" in my role as great grandma.   I'm very used to being "grandma" to now 6 kids.  Our son has 3 girls and our daughter is a step mom to 3  - and so they vary in age from 11 to 29 (I think).   I know my role - I spoil them - I advise them - I pray for them - I enjoy spending time with them.     The great grandma role is still sinking in . . . I watch my daughter and SIL be grandparents and they are doing it up right!!  I find myself showing his pictures and videos to the gals at work - bragging about him - - - and I couldn't feel prouder!    But my role is not to be the grandma and grandpa . . . he has four of them . . . they babysit for him . . . buy him things he needs . . . take him to parks or for rides in the wagon . . . they teach him and sing to him . . . they worry over him . . . they get to show him off - he is their's!!

                 Grayson on Crazy Hair day at Daycare

                                     Grayson and Grandpa

But . . . every now and then . . . when no one is looking . . . Great Grandma Teri gets to steal some kisses or walk the floor or read a story . . . yes read a story . . . I have decided that is my "thing" to do with Grayson . . . He is being read the little Bible we gave him already . . . he has wonderful parents who are also doing it right!  

So . . . as I take on a new role to me . . . I am so thankful for the love and care that this little baby is getting - - - prejudices aside - - - he is absolutely the best - - - happy - healthy - smart - loving - and so funny!!!   

And every chance I get . . . you will find me here . . . 

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