Saturday, January 3, 2015

Moving on . . .

Happy New Year to you!  I hope you had a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!  We did a very low key celebration - - - meal at home and quiet movies, reading, lots of napping, and a little crafting as well.

Ran across an old favorite of mine - The Oprah Show - dated back to 2007 as she no longer has her syndicated show but shows old reruns on her own network OWN.  Weight loss was of course the theme for January 1 on every show on the TV it seemed and I quickly was reminded that I don't have 150 or 200 or 400 or 500 pounds to lose - I need to lose 50!  Good reminder for me as I finished my first "walk" of the year on the ole' treadmill . . . I challenged my sister Tami to a one mile walk . . . a small challenge for both of us . . . or so I thought it was for me . . . but it has been since 2012 that I exercised faithfully.  In those days I took off 30 pounds (gained back 20) and walked and jogged on the treadmill at a really good clip!  Along with a weight training program at that time, I felt much stronger and was ready to try some hiking in the Colorado Rockies . . .

Today was much different . . . I have some progressive back problems and that alone made walking painful and tiring . . . but I'm happy that I did do a half-mile - - - in 12.2 minutes - - - and I'm off and moving . . .

So this is how I share with you one of the three focuses I have for 2015 - - - Eating the right foods in the right portions and exercising for my health.  I will lose 50 pounds and then I will regroup and learn how to stay at that weight for the rest of my days . . . I'm not looking to put on a bikini and go to the beach - ha!  I'm looking to still be able to go shopping with my sister and be able to stay on my feet, I'm looking to be agile and energetic to help with the new grandbaby coming in May, and to be the best that I can be at my job and in taking care of my home and hubs!    If I continue on like I have been . . . these things will not happen.

I have no fancy quotes to share and no brilliant diet plan . . . it's not a deep dark secret out there that anyone is keeping . . . stop eating so much and get your butt out of the recliner and exercise.  

My health - - - is #1 this year.  Stay tuned and I will share my progress and my discoveries!    I will also share  more on the other two areas that I will focus on this year . . . #2 is my faith walk and my spiritual walk . . . #3 is to find fun!    All three of these "focuses" for me will contain several parts - - - as "health" means eating the right foods and exercising in ways that I will stick with it and enjoy it!  It also involves being better with dental check ups, physical exams, and of course skin and hair care!  And who can be healthy without ridding their lives of unnecessary stress??  So . . . wish me well as I look into all of these areas!

Back later with an introduction to what I am doing for the Lord in 2015!!

What is your #1 for 2015?

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