Saturday, February 21, 2015

To blog or not to blog . . . really isn't the question.

I say that because I have not been intending to drop the blog - I have missed it terribly - and so - I'm back on and I'm looking at new ideas to write about!   The original blog began after we made a big life change and moved to Beloit after living a few miles down the road for 25 years.  I had much to write about but found that after a year or so I was just struggling.   I think that as bloggers we might sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves to "entertain" via the posts . . . and so I'm back to using it as I first intended . . . a quiet place to share my blessings.  I'll show you what I mean very soon as I will be writing about some of this and some of that . . . but for the moment . . . CRISIS has arisen and must be dealt with!!!

Our big screen TV has died, quit, I was just settling in with my morning cup of coffee when I heard great frustration and agony from the family room downstairs . . . hubs had no TV . . . so I have about ten minutes to shower and we are off to the "city" to buy a new one . . . can't be without ya know!!

Happy Weekend to all of my followers . . . (Tami)


  1. Glad you are back to blogging! You are right about its putting too much pressure on ourselves to be profound or funny. The posts I most enjoy reading are those about real life.

    1. I always like reading yours as well - - - so here we go - - -


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