Sunday, April 12, 2015

Health is Wealth

I've had some personal motivation once again to focus on health.  A little nagging pain in my chest that comes and goes . . . and family and friends who are facing some challenges as well . . . it has made me think.

About ten years ago my mom, who is now 78, was told by her dr. that she needed to get her cholesterol down.  He told her to follow the American Heart Association diet plan and to walk one mile a day.  Now . . . my mom is one of those smart, disciplined, women who do what the dr. says.  Dr. ordered it . . . she did it . . . and dropped 11 pounds.  Now - it was 11 pounds that she didn't need to lose and that wasn't the purpose, the purpose was to lower her cholesterol.  Funny how that happens . . . you expend more calories than you take in . .. voila . . . weight comes off.  She also stuck to the AHA diet which is lean meats, vegetables and fruits . . . another step in taking off some pounds.

So as I think about my own struggle . . . it has been years of ignoring what I am well educated in . . . proper nutrition.  My life's work is geared around health and well mostly poor health.  I know better than to eat whatever I want and what sounds good and for wrong reasons.   I can tie it to poor life choices that I eat to cover up.  I still find it to be my best reward in life . . . but it stops now.

I got to truly enjoy having a granddaughter at age 44 and for the next 12 years I have been a young and active grandma.  I have been in swimming pools and on swing sets, down slipper slides, and I have shopped, crafted, hiked, rode bikes with, and generally enjoyed every minute of those years.  And now I need to be able to travel even further to see her . . . as well as other family . . . and hike in the Yellowstone National Park.  

Here's the catch . . . we are starting over now with another wonderful little granddaughter who is due to be born within the next few weeks.   Will I be able to keep up with her?  I need to!  I want to!

This is my motivation as well as just wanting to feel better.  Less aching back and hips.

So . . . I decided today . . . if it was good for my mom . . . I'll do it the American Heart Association way as well.

I was eager to blog my new strategy.  I don't apologize that I've had previous posts that sound similar because all we can do is to start again.  There has to be an answer out there for me . . . I have to be able to put behind me the reasons I hang on to food . . . My health depends on me getting exercise back in my life . . . so please join me if you would like to . . . start by checking out the American Heart Association's website.  It is awesome!!  It is full of education, information, healthy food ideas, and a simple plan for eating.   Plus many videos on cooking tips and healthy projects to be a part of!  I'll keep you posted on what I learn there!

Now let's get movin'  

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  1. How I wish I had mom's discipline! This sounds like a good plan for sensible, healthy eating - good strategy. I'll join you in getting moving and we'll be the coolest Grandmas around. 😊


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