Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Inspiration on Monday: Baby Shower and the like . . .

I'm so excited that Trish at Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity is hosting something special for us on Mondays.  I became a fan when my sister introduced me to Trish's Pin It - Do It a few years back.

Rules are:

a forum to share things that we’ve created and things that we are doing to help inspire others. Posts about projects in progress, finished projects, tutorials, and how-tos are all welcome. Feel free to share recipes, crafts, lifestyle, organizing, and DIY tips, and any other idea that can spark inspiration.

Babies are on my mind . . . we are having a new little granddaughter in about 7 weeks.  Our daughter is having her first!  If you instantly think pink . . . it ain't necessarily so . . .

Casey is the typical "tom-boy" . . . although the tom-boyish ways were replaced to some extent when she grew up and fell in love and got married . . . but not to the point that she would design a nursery around everything pink!     Her colors are just perfect . . . gray, teal with a touch of yellow . . .

At a recent family shower I helped with some of the decorations and gave my first try at constructing a "diaper cake"    I quickly jumped on Pinterest for directions on how to build one.  I found many, many styles and ideas with both cloth and disposable diapers.  I quickly ran upon the cake I wanted to try.  Using about 60 newborn sized diapers, big rubber bands, some ribbon, bows, confetti, and a crystal plate to "serve" it on . . . I came up with this:

I eventually added another teal bow as a topper and an owl - to stick with the owl theme that has been chosen for the baby also.

This project was exciting to me as I was able to read directions and follow them, creating exactly what I intended to make!  

Following the shower, my daughter confiscated all of the ribbons and used them as "tie-backs" on the curtains in the nursery.

And although I can't take personal credit for these projects . . . I have truly enjoyed watching my little girl spend hours preparing a special room for her little girl who will arrive soon.  Miss Rachel Lee is due to meet us on May 18, 2015 or sooner or later :)

Not sure if the idea for the peg board was a Pinterest idea or thought up on her own or given as a tip from a friend . . . but my daughter determined to do this early on and followed through.  Notice the picture frame in the top left corner . . . specially made by the new mom - using ribbon, etc.  Love those little hair bows and head bands hanging in place.  

My daughter is a high school/college math teacher and one of her students created the "Welcome to My Crib" sign.  

Thanks again Trish for allowing me to join in the fun on Creative Mondays!  Even on a Tuesday!


  1. The nursery is adorable, as was your diaper cake decoration. It's so fun to watch you and Casey finding your creative side. Hope you share many more projects with the Little Miss on the way.

  2. So many great ideas. Love that peg board!

  3. Both projects are adorable!

  4. Love the diaper cake idea! My sister made me one for my first and those diapers are so appreciated!!

    Love the peg board. I also made little hairbow holders for both of my girls but I love the owls on the bottom of your granddaughters. And congratulations!! :)

    Thanks for linking up Terri. Glad you're glad for the return. HA! (I've missed this creative group!)


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