Thursday, September 3, 2015

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue! Times two!

My favorite holiday (yes including Christmas) has become the 4th of July!  Not because I put my country before my Lord - because I don't.  #1 reason - I love summer.  #2 reason - I love a barbeque.  #3 reason - I love the decorations.  #4 reason - I love the sounds of firecrackers around the town.

But - as I mentioned in the title of this post - - - I also have come to love Labor Day as well!  For all of the same reasons as above . . . minus fireworks . . . but also because these are two patriotic days to celebrate our country and our freedom as well as the hardworking people that have made our country so prosperous.    Labor Day signals the end of summer to me.   Which can make me "blue" . . .

It has become a tradition in the last five years or so for family to be here at home for both of these grand weekends.  So I'm excited for that!

Better start planning the menu and some fun activities . . . how will you spend Labor Day 2015?

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