Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon is here again!

It is one of my favorite days of the year!  24 hours set aside to spend in books, online talking about books, meeting new friends, reading new blogs, taking fun challenges, and possibly even winning a prize!  You can read more about Dewey's Readathon here.

Many will set goals . . . I have no goals . . . just to read for the 24 hours - minus the time that I must take out to rest and get some sleep.  Or my job will suffer on Monday.

These are the books I plan to read . . . The Bible . . . In Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer . . . Sod and Stubble by John Ise, The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, and Winter Street by Elin Hilderand.  Winter Street is one that my sister Tami and I will read together for the readathon - - - a sweet, short, Christmas novel - what could be better!

My favorite parts of the Readathon are the anticipation . . . which means for me that I finish all the household chores by Friday evening and then I declare it Readathonville . . . I like the first hour with my fresh coffee and time spent in God's word and in prayer . . . I enjoy checking each hour to see how my sister Tami is coming along . . . afterall I have her to thank for telling me about the readathon several years back.   I think it's fun to check out the readers' blogs . . . I'm always looking to find a really good one to follow.

This year I'm adding a twist . . . I asked my daughter if she thought the busy new mom of a 5 month old would like to participate in the readathon . . . she would of course love it . . . but knew that it would not be happening for her this year.  But I did throw out the challenge for her to read to my granddaughter four books throughout the day.  She eagerly took me up on that challenge!    Next I will be challenging my 13 year old granddaughter who is not a stranger to Dewey's . . . in fact a couple of years ago she was here with me and so we joined in together - made a trip to the library for her - - - and like she always does . . . made reading with grandma fun!  I think that since she is a busy preteen . . . with volleyball, a best friend, and a lab named Mandy to keep her busy . . . I will challenge her to one hour of reading throughout the weekend . . . and maybe grams will provide her own prize!

I had better sign off - get this posted. . . three more days of work and housework to have done by 9 p.m. Friday evening . . . that's when I declare it Readathonville and I stop with housework, yardwork, etc. . . . and just plain enjoy!  

My readers . . . 


  1. I wish I got the housework done early. I still have a sink full of dishes, but they can wait until I need a break. Happy Readathon Day! #teamdogwood

  2. Good luck and best wishes today. Happy reading!


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