Thursday, December 10, 2015

O Christmas Tree

Is Christmas coming?  With Kansas temperatures this week hanging in the 70's . . . in December . . . it is hard for me to feel "Christmasy".  My tree has stood in it's corner with lights for two weeks now and finally tonight ornaments were added.  Decorating the Christmas tree takes me back through all 56 years of my life in the span of about 30 minutes.  I remember the Christmas trees that we grew up with at home and the ones at my grandma's house and I even remember one "real" tree out at the farm at Grandpa Ab's.    Then I move forward to the 3 trees that I have had in my married life . . . plus a couple of real trees thrown in between.  Bringing out the tree in those days was cumbersome and hard work.  I would climb to the top of the highest point in our Glen Elder home, move decorations around, and drag down the huge boxed tree.  Then once decorated the box had to go back up to that high spot until after Christmas . . . It was quite the project . . . but those were special days with kids at home to help.  One of the first things I always did with the kids was to make a red and green paper chain and it decorated our home on more than one years. . . . Now I have my most favorite artificial tree - it is smalll but still 6 foot tall. It fits just right in the corner of our basement family room.  It was part of our Glen Elder home as well as here in Beloit for the last four years.  But this time . . . the tree has a handy closet right here in the basement where it can reside all the year through with its lights intact.  Gone are the days of climbing to the top of a closet - it's just a simple 8 foot carry from the closet!

Many changes through the years - - - but one constant - - - for at least the last 35 years - - - and that is my box of ornaments . . . you see I don't have a "themed" tree unless "my life" is a theme??  The red apple ornaments from Mrs. Goth's and Mrs. Clausen's 1st and 2nd grade class crafts.  The construction paper ornaments with child's picture in the center.  Several flocked deer because they reminded me of my trees as a kid and a couple of flocked angels too.  Throw in some angels that were big craft projects in the 80's and 90's and of course a white felt dove that came from my mother in law's tree as a keepsake.  A few newer ornaments from time to time . . . and that's done.

It's funny . . . I remember the years of kids wanting to help . . . and I in my OCD tendencies days had a hard time with that . . . but they helped.  Great memories.  Then they grew up and didn't want to help but they were there watching me . . . great memories.  Then they were gone . . . that first year was hard to decorate the tree by myself . . . I believe, if I remember right . . . I called them to let them know I was decorating alone . . . Now I enjoy standing in the hubs's view of the TV decorating it by myself and showing him each ornament and adding a "do you remember this one?" and "Remember when Todd made us this?" or "This one was taken when Casey had a perm".    

No matter which tree it was, or what stage in life I was in to decorate it . . . there was something nice about getting it done and sitting in the room in the dark enjoying the lights!

Chistmas begins . . . Do you have a tradition for getting your tree up and decorated?

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  1. We throw a party the first Sunday of December and invite all our friends to help decorate our tree. So much work, but so fun!


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