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Thursday, April 26, 2018

If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up.

The name of this post says a lot - things I have given up on far outweigh the things I've finished. 

Given up on: 

Weight loss

Reading scripture

Reading books


Getting adequate sleep

Some friends


NO discipline seems to be the root of my problem.   Time is limited also - but I've been through plenty of time management courses and I know how to fix the problem with that.  

NO discipline means that my heart and soul aren't coming under the direction of anyone.    My blog is going to be resurfacing and will have more of my faith woven into the posts.   My lack of discipline relates to my lack of relationship with God.  I see that and I need to fix that.  My faith has always been part of my life - but the relationship has been missing.

No discipline means that I continue to make the easy choices that are creating weight gain, sore muscles, achy bones, weariness, discouragement, sadness. 

A really good book Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On - by Stormie Omartien - tells us that God illuminates the next step in our path way for us - maybe 2-3 steps will be lit up!   Sometimes just the next thing we are to do will be lit up.  We are to have discipline to continue to tell God our worries, and our fears, wait for him to illuminate the next step, and then follow him.  Every single time! Walking in discipline with God. 

The Readathon became a really fun thing for me to be part of years ago when my sister Tami introduced me to it.  I like the excitement that leads up to taking the day for ourselves to read.  Preparing good snacks - doing up laundry and cooking ahead - Purposefully leaving that day OPEN for no interruptions.  Many times my day will change due to someone elses schedule.  It happens.   Discipline helps me say no to distractions!  

I hope you all have a great readathon as well.  I'll be back to share with my progress and to take part in some challenges. 

If you are interested please check back in as I battle through the next few months with seeking God first and practicing discipline under his authority!

Happy Reading!

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