Friday, October 21, 2011

Ready to Read!

At the invitation of my sister, Tami, I am joining in on the Readathon challenge beginning tomorrow morning!  Tami said to gather myself a group of books - some snacks - and get ready to read!  I also noticed that she was canning tomatoes and I'm not sure what else?? in order to settle in guilt-free tomorrow to read a way! Ha!

So - I decided I had best get my Saturday "chore" list done tonight as well.  Lawn furniture is packed away for the winter.  Beautiful flowers are pulled up and thrown in the trash - kind of a sad thing.  I loved them so much!!  Which is the reason I was so thrilled when Tami chose "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh as our T & T (sisters) Book Club selection for October!  It will be my primary focus tomorrow!  UNLIKE my sis - I am a slow reader - with my main problem being that I fall asleep way too quickly when I relax with a good book!  (But - I have a sleep study scheduled for Nov. 8 - so I hope to remedy that problem in the near future!)

This past summer I was blessed by a Digizine - It was recommended by a very dear friend.  It is and I love it!  It is a monthly online magazine and contains article after article!  The magazine focuses on a different spiritual discipline each month.  This summer, very appropriately, the first issue was devoted to community - as our little church community is struggling greatly!  The next month it featured service - another great read!  I hope to get some of those articles read and tucked away in my mind for spiritual growth!   (P.S. I also subscribed to Newsweek from the neighborboy's magazine drive - - - I hope to become more intelligent in worldly matters :))

Nancy Leigh DeMoss was also introduced to me this summer - her book "A Place of Quiet Rest" is a great read.   It was on my shelf from a T & T Book Club Selection in March of 2005!!  So it's a re-read!

Have you heard of "Made to Crave"?   Satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food.  Lysa Terkeurst is the author from Proverbs 31 Ministries.   This may or MAY NOT get a look tomorrow depending on my mood!  And then lastly, "All I Know About Management I Learned from My Dog" by Martin P. Levin.  A little more lighthearted - but useful to me in my venture to "manage" 10 women.

Good luck to all readers! Join you in the morning with a great cup of coffee and ready to rumble . . . I mean read! :)


  1. LET'S GET READY TO READ! So glad you're joining the read-a-thon this year. It's a blast. Your books sound like a good line-up, although a little serious for my taste :) Forgot to remind you to get Hot Tamales and peanuts to snack on - but hopefully you've got some other goodies ready to go. Good luck on your first read-a-thon!

    And to all others visiting here for the first time - check out Teri's pic in the column to the right. That is Teri on her third birthday, holding her new doll. That adorable thing on the other side of the cake is me.

  2. Look how happy you are!! We really had it made didn't we? But where is your doll??

  3. and HAPPY READATHON to you! I'll be one of your cheerers today. Come say hello if you need a lil break. (Hmm, maybe I should set my blog as a lil virtual break room. OK, I'l already being silly)


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