Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blessed by Booksters

Henningsen Happenings is my spot to land and share my blessings - but as you can see I only had 3 to mention in 2010 and then even less in 2011 - - - I am a bad blogger it seems.  I do have many blessings.

Today in my first ever Dewey's Readathon I received a wonderful blessing!  Good to spend the day with my sister - as books have been a way we have always kept in touch through the years - but also today to meet some new people! 

Cheerleaders are awesome people - so sweet that they hang around and add encouraging words!

Booksters - as I will now call all 462 of you or so that signed up for today - are very intelligent folks!  Some of the challenges were a little above me - :) my knowledge of authors and their books is very limited!  So I was blessed today by being able to see inside the hearts of true readers!

Ready to try this again soon!

Happy Reading!

P.S.  I will be sharing about this readathon to my granddaughter Elaine - she loves to read also.  In fact the first place she wanted to go with me when I saw her last was Barnes and Noble - we had a great time!

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  1. Love the picture! I'm so glad you enjoyed your first read-a-thon. I'm already looking forward to April and sharing the next one with you.

    Good job sharing the love of reading with your granddaughter.


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