Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday . . . in the park . . . I wish it was the 4th of July ...

Two of my favorite things are Saturdays and the 4th of July - for real.  Since I have had bloggers block again I decided to just write - and journal my Saturday.  I love everything about a Saturday especially one I can stay home and enjoy. 

I start the day by getting up early with working hubs (It's busy in the ag world again), making coffee, turning on the weekend weather, and going back to sleep in my chair or sofa.

After a quick shower I'm off to enjoy the rest of the morning!

The weather channel has us in the red zone today for storms and although it's beautiful out - no sunshine at the moment.  Perfect morning for a bike ride . . . and the minute I finish this coffee and get out of my recliner . . . I'm on wheels!

Bike ride finished for now - goal is to do 5 miles today in segments - - - two yellow crop dusters flew overhead as I took off - I still am intrigued and love living by the airport - aren't I silly?  

Watching the weather again on TV and remembering those who lost their homes and their lives this week in the huge tornado near Dallas, Texas.    

Laundry is next on the list . . . has to be done . . . especially since the hubs is busy working today :) As most of you know . . . he does most of the laundry.  

He's coming home soon - so planning some lunch.

Bike ride - washed car - and relaxing in the chair again.

Yard sprayed for weeds - Clay home.

Customer calls - "didn't know you'd be closed this afternoon" :(

Clean sheets and a clean shower curtain.

 Brought home a book called Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman - has anyone heard of it?  Going to take a time out for a little reading and a diet coke.    Back later . . . 

Now to finish one sewing project I had planned for the weekend.  Clay has built bunk beds for our granddaughter, Elaine  - no for her American Girl Doll McKenna.  She wanted bright blue and so I picked up some matching material to make two thin "mattresses" for the bunk beds.  If you remember earlier my sister Tami and I made little tied quilts for the dolls.

The "ripper" is my friend - - - see anything wrong with the above picture?  Yeh  . . . could you not have spoke up???  Just sewed one together like this - - - so only had to rip one out.  The afternoon is coming to a close and it has been a good day - - - Time to clean up the mess - and throw some brats on the BBQ - yum!  But the finished project looks like this . . . any little girl would love to have this . . . minor imperfections included! :)

Hope you enjoyed my Saturday journaling - it was much fun - and two new topics came to mind today so I think I have broken my bloggers block!  Until then . . . 

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  1. Your doll bed and mattresses are adorable! Elaine will be thrilled.


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