Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Having a Bucket List seems to be the new thing to do these days!  And so I have one!  It includes some big ticket items like Times Square for New Years Eve and Washington D.C. for 4th of July and to meet Oprah and Blake (Shelton).  Oh and losing 50 more pounds which of all my ideas is the one I have a plan for and it is happening!!

Although I want to do these BL items while I'm young enough I know it may be a few years before I accomplish some of them.  So I thought it would be fun to make a small bucket list for the summer!   Maybe I will call it my "sand pail" list.    Last summer was a great summer as I look back.  It was a summer of some "firsts" including a lot of stress over selling our home and moving.  Not the first time we had moved but certainly the first time we had moved in many many years.  I loved all the new sights and sounds to our new neighborhood.  As I begin writing this post it is mid-January - summer is not in sight -  but I am spending some time thinking of things I want to accomplish and try this summer.  So - my summer "sand pail" list looks like this:

Ride my bike (with my friend Rebecca) 25 miles in one day with a picnic lunch in the park!

Take short little trip to some place of husband's choice.  (I got to pick the mountains last fall)

Algebra I Class - (Part of my "learning five new things in 2013")

Take one night a week to either go to my library and spend a couple hours or to the lazy river at our local pool - no house work - no gardening - no working out - mini-retreat!

front porch
                                    Paint the front porch                                             

                                              Go to a KC Royals Game with the Konda's

                                                      Camp at Lake Wilson in cabins.

                                                        Camp with David and Tami.
They recently bought a great little camper and although hubs is not excited about us doing that he did agree to try a weekend camping trip with them!

                              Have Elaine come and stay several times and teach her to sew a little!

I think these fun items along with relaxing on the patio and raising my flower gardens, trips to see the Henningsen's in Texas will give me a more than full summer!  What are your summer plans??


  1. I think I will eventually add my bucket list to my blog. I'm still writing it.

  2. Sounds like a great list. (except the Algebra) Hope you can accomplish it this summer!

  3. Good list! Hope you have a stress-free summer and accomplush your entire lust.


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