Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I need a vacation . . .

What a blessing I have enjoyed for the last 7 years!  I fell in love with Vacation Bible School when I had a granddaughter who could attend.  I started helping with VBS in our old church in Glen Elder and continued for the next many years.  Elaine has been able to come each year and spend the week with us as I take a weeks' vacation in order to help out!

So once again this summer we start a wonderful week full of one activity after another!

                                                     Quiet time around the fire . . . 

                        Something new this summer - a little backyard tent camping!

                                                 Pool Time with a New Friend!

                           Learning to sew!   Learning to make balloon figures!  Snuggles!


            And off to another family reunion this summer but made a new friend there also!!

We weren't ready to send her home and she wasn't ready to leave either  - Blessed to have the travel distance much shorter now and plan for several more visits this summer!!  So many things we didn't get to do!!

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  1. What a treat to have a grandchild so close! Looks like a good week.


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