Friday, June 28, 2013


As I recently mentioned I love weekends - especially Saturdays!!  This one is slated to be a beautiful summer weekend and I plan to prepare for the upcoming 4th of July Henningsen BBQ!!  One project goes back a few months when I purchased Red White and Blue bandanas for a tied blanket! Thought it would look cute and festive thrown over the sofa when people walked in!

Dodger has other ideas I think  . . .

I am also planning to prepare some food for the freezer - just a couple dishes - and of course do some last minute cleaning.    

It's been nearly a year in our new home - and just tonight we finished trimming up some trees and to finish that off we will grab some river rock tomorrow and do a little landscaping.    Is the work ever done?

Then a friend and I plan to do some R and R at the Chataqua Swimming Pool - relaxing in the sun and exercising down the Lazy River . . . 

It's harvest time in North Central Kansas - so hubs will be working most of the weekend - so I can finish off the weekend with some reading - playing with the dogs - laundry - and oh maybe even a 

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. A little sewing, a little reading and a little drawing ... plus some necessary housework - that's all that's on my agenda. I live the bandana blanket idea! Looks like Dodger does too.

  2. Love the bandana blanket...have a great holiday celebration.


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