Sunday, June 16, 2013

The fun is in the planning . . .

Recently I quoted someone's words about "best laid plans" and reported that I have not been good at following through with all of my plans - but for me planning IS half the fun in many cases!

Recently the 4th of July has become nearly my favorite holiday!  I love summer and I love flowers and I love red white and blue anything!  I love fireworks now that my kids are grown!  I used to be one of those "worrisome" moms.  The ones who didn't want to leave their kids alone with firecrackers, To blow up coffee cans and cool whip containers and 5 gallon buckets while they sat on them.....:)

In the past 5 years it has become a tradition for the kids to come to our house for the 4th of July.  Or at least for our daughter and her family.  Our son Todd living in South Texas does not make it home for every 4th - it doesn't always fall into the schedule that we have of getting back and forth to see each other.  And might I say - no matter what - - - although I know he is happy and has loving family there too - - - we miss them all and there is always a little something missing when they aren't with us!  Sidebar:  we are making plans to meet them in San Antonio, Texas for a weekend very soon!  To continue on . . . We have rented a pontoon before - - - they fish - - - I don't - - - they golf - - - I'm learning - - - and we have the traditional BBQ with steak and vegies.  Lately we have learned from Todd how to grill baby back ribs - so that is a new fav!  

I'm going all out this year - it has been a while since the kids have been able to come here and stay due to busy schedules and so it's parrtyyyyy time!!!

I'm asking for ideas - - - I'd love to hear your traditions for the 4th of July - decorating ideas - favorite foods - activities/games - At this point we have an agenda that looks like this:

Something new!   4th of July at a baseball game - pretty great American Tradition right??  Kids heard about 40$ all you can eat seats - which includes tickets to the game - good seats - and all the food and drink - well there are some limits - but at least we can have a good lunch at the game!  I'm excited about this! 

I want to do this in my back yard with our granddaughters red wagon.  I would use the one that we had for OUR kids but it was yellow and ended in a million pieces when said children and their cousin pulled the wheels off of it when racing it behind the golf cart.  Both wagon and golf cart succumbed to these children - :)  I think I can make this a thrifty decoration - - - I am guessing that by the first of July the greenhouse here will be down to the last remains and will be marking things down!   A couple of inexpensive small flags and I'll  be happy.  

Love to hear your ideas for decorations!!!  I am sneaking and sharing my sister Tami's front porch - - - I love it!!!

And lastly - I think this year we will add crafts and backyard games to the Henningsen 4th of July celebration.  These are a couple of borrowed ideas from Pinterest and I'm leaving game ideas up to my faithful readers to suggest!!!  

Happy preparing for your 4th of July!!


  1. I love the items you have made. That baseball game with all you can eat sounds like a blast! Have a great time.

  2. Sounds like a great family time. Hope the Texas kids can join you - if not then, at least soon. I love the 4th too and, as you know, my house tends to be red, white and blue all the time. :) The ballgame sounds awesome - have fun. (Of course, it would be better if it were a Rockies game) ;)


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