Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crossing The Red Sea

Sunday School again - - - new class this fall - and some new students of course.  I teach Pre K and Kindergarten and these new ones are 3 and 4 year olds.  Soooooo interesting.

Today's story - God led Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land.  We have already learned how God had a plan for baby Moses to be rescued from a floating basket in a river.  Now we learn that God protects all of his people - even us!

First on the lesson plan:  Build an obstacle course that the kids can follow each other through as they "travel through the dessert".

Today we learn that as the people fled out of Egypt - the bad people followed right behind and tried to catch up with them.  All of a sudden Moses and the people arrived at the Red Sea where they panicked and got angry - wondering why God led them that far and then left them to die at the Red Sea.  Of course God had a plan - he created a loud wind to blow (swooooosh - whiiiiiii - swoooosh - ssssssssssss - and other "wind noises" inserted here.)  The sea opened up and a path of dry ground  was there for the Israelites to hurry through.  Once the Israelites made it through the Red Sea the winds blew again and the water came down and covered the army of Egyptians.  Then Moses and his people rested and then praised God with celebration and singing.  So at the end of OUR obstacle course were musical instruments to bang on and sing with!  Praising God!

Step two on the lesson plan:  Sit down at table and hear story and work on fun sheet.    Had several questions to ask them:  Who takes care of you?   The usual:  Mom, Dad, Grandma.   How does God take care of you?   Interesting:

     "he gives me food"  "when i fall down he keeps me from getting hurt"   "he helps me when I fall
     down"  and then . . . "one time i was uh i was uh one time i did i was one time i was riding     my
     bike my scooter and it wrecked and uh well uh one time I fell and even when I fell one time and
     he he he one time i fell off my bike and he he I didn't get hurt."

Whew!  Step three of lesson plan:  Picture it . . . and yes this was in the teacher's manual.  Take
a shallow dish and  put some water in it.   Give each child a straw.  Let them take turns  blowing through the straw on top of the water to create ripples and waves and parting the water!!

"No you can't drink the water"

Pretty soon all four kids were blowing on their straws at  the same time - water was blowing everywhere . .. .. "Is this okay if we do this?"   I replied, "Sure if you don't mind  getting wet!!"

Finally  - I mean soon - class time was over   - and  I sent them on their way  - -- -

So I ask you . .  How does God take care of you?


  1. Precious! I love your answer to "can we do this?" What a great lesson to learn. God takes care of me in so many ways - too many to count and too many that I don't stop to realize and be grateful for.

  2. Bless you Teri for doing God's work. How does God take care of me, I hope I don't ever have to live a life without his care to know the full answer to that one.


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