Thursday, September 26, 2013

October Pin-It/Do-It Challenge

The summer heat has died down and cooler days abound.  Fall has arrived!  This time of year draws me back to more indoor activities and so I was thrilled to hear about Trish's Pin-It Do-It Challenge once again!  The idea is to pin some ideas from Pinterest for October crafts, activities, etc. and then choose some to actually DO!

When we moved to Beloit a year ago last July I had scaled down on many things, including household decorations.  All I need for Fall is my scarecrow wreath, fall floor rug and my Autumn flag I fly!  Not interested in building anymore decorations.

That doesn't mean I can't pin and do!!  Here is my plan:

     Trip to Apple Depot with my youngest granddaughter Elaine. (Pinned it - 31 Days of Fall Fun)
     Glow light lanterns - Just too cool not to try!
     Zentangle Mittens - an art project to go along with the reading of The Mitten by Jan Brett
     Fill an Operation Christmas Child Box with Elaine. (31 Days of  Fall Fun)

     Then ... I have planned for myself to do several more items from the 31 Days of Fall Fun

          Make mulled apple cider (sugar-free)
          Sit by fire pit with friends
          Start a new book
          Decorate a simple inexpensive pillar candle with cinnamon sticks and raffia.  Maybe 2.

This totals 8 pins and I guess that makes me an obsessive pinner??

     The Levels:
Timid Pinner: 1-3 Pins
Pinterested: 4-7 Pins
Pin Obsessed: 8+ Pins

Please join in if you would like and check out Pinterest - find some things you'd like to try!
You can sign up here on Trish's blog.
Happy Harvest!
Happy Autumn!
Happy Pinning!


  1. Looks like some fun Pins. I love the glow-stick lanterns and I'm going to have to check out the 31 Days of Fall Fun. I might add some more ideas to my October list.

  2. I'll have To check out the 31 Days of Fun list! And I hear you on the decorations. Some items in my house only make it out of the box every other year or every third. Maybe when the kids are older and can help. Ha!! So glad you're joining the challenge again Teri!


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