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This is how my New Year's post probably looked.  These are the seven areas that I chose to spend my time on this year.  Didn't set resolutions - just thought about the important things in my life and set out to focus on making improvements and growing in each area.

More than midway through the year and here is where I stand:

Worship - attending church less and attempting to read and study my Bible alone.  There is much to be said about Hebrews 10:25:  Let us not give up on meeting together as some are in the habit of doing . . . My kids heard this multiple times.

Homemaking - no change here.  I enjoy an organized and clean house.  

Friendships - this has been a very sad focus for me.  I have been able to say for the last decade that I have a best friend.  And I believe that we have friends for seasons of our life.  I have not kept a friend FOR life.  People change and situations change and although I love my dear friend still - we don't find the time to spend on our friendship like we did at one time.  We both know it.  We discuss it.  No change here.

Travel - This has been one of the biggest surprises of my life actually.  I had never understood why people loved to travel and why anyone would want to retire and travel the countryside.  I became a traveler in 2002 and actually I became pretty mobile in 1998 when my son went to college and I had to check in with him from time to time . . . Then we have traveled to see our granddaughter, who is nearly 12 now.  Precious memories made on every single trip to either  South Dakota, Texas, Great Bend, Junction City, and now Garden City. Ballgames for our daughter.   Many trips now to Texas and Topeka to see our kids.  Throw in a few trips for business and or business-related and I have seen some territory and love it!  I wanted to focus this year on making travel easier.  I have done one thing to impove travel.   I have given up taking a "carry-on" bag that Southwest so nicely lets us have - I used to stuff it full of everything I might possibly want or need for the flight and trip - and found out that lugging that plus my purse (not a small item either) was too much for my broken down back.    So I travel lighter.  Just my purse.  And of course my luggage that I checked.  

Work - Much thought, worry, prayer, stress and anxiety here.

Exercise - Have done almost none.

Reading - Have done almost none.

So . . . I still like my plan for focusing on these areas, but as you can see, I didn't get a very "clear picture" in several of these areas.  But I'm a work in progress.  To finish out 2014, and please disregard any other post recently where I have said differently, I will focus on taking action and improving my life in these areas:  Worship, Work, Exercise, Reading.

I plan to take action and write about it as I do - - - stay tuned - - - I promise to be back on track before it's time to sing "aulde lange syne" my friends.


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