Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A vow of silence . . .

"Silence is golden . . . "

                    “Never miss a good chance to shut up.”   
                                         “My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence.”
I recently decided to explore silence.  I have a Bible that teaches of the "spiritual disciplines" and one of them is silence.    Spiritual disciplines are ways to imitate Christ in our lives.  Thought up by someone who noted in scripture that certain fruits were present in the life of Jesus.  And so what better reason to practice those ways.
That being said, my motivation as well as being more Christ-centered - is to eliminate some stress in my life.  Let me explain:   Here is my pattern - and would some psychoanalyst out there please leave an in-depth comment on how to fix me?  In the situations of my life I stay jolly and positive and want everyone around me to feel comfortable.   Sure wouldn't want to upset anyone.  Instead of sharing healthy opinions - I stuff them and stuff them - until they come popping out at seemingly small issues.  Confusion abounds.  I then feel bad and apologize.  Or I just say too much and get tied up in a long conversation of which I do most of the talking . . . Then I buy into negative self talk.  Great life strategy huh?

For whatever the situation - whether it be at work, with family, or with public I end up thinking to myself - be quiet - don't get involved - practice silence.

For the next three weeks I'm going to work through the area of silence in my spiritual disciplines Bible.  I'll be back to share . . . or . . . not.

Enjoy some quiet time for yourself too.

Open Your Mouth Only If What You Are Going To Say Is More Beautiful Than Silence


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