Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Annual Konda/Henningsen Golf Oklahoma

It was to be a weekend of surprises . . . Our son in law Tracy asked us to come down to Topeka on Sunday night, and surprise Casey.  Just show up unannounced.  So we did . . . with a surprise of our own - our new car.

We parked on their street and texted the picture to Casey - - - she however didn't get the text and we ended up in the drive way and honking the horn before our arrival was announced!

Surprise part #2 . . . We told Casey we were there to golf with her the next day on her dad's birthday.  Tracy then threw out the rest of the story . . . pack a bag girl because we are headed to Guthrie, Oklahoma to golf for two days!    

Don't know how you are with surprises like this??  I being a "first born" and little bit bossy . .  I like to have a plan . . meaning I need notice so I can have a plan . . . but Casey can roll with it and was excited to go!

Tracy chose Guthrie as he and his best friend Gary had golfed there before - four championship courses within two miles, one even named "Augusta".

Monday we headed out and arrived in the red dirt state at our destination around noon.   After checking into the motel - we headed out for our T-off time of 1 p.m.    I myself am not a golfer  - but was allowed to ride along for free.  I did sneak in a few holes.  We had the best time together, laughing, golfing, and enjoying the beautiful area.

Tracy had special supper plans for us . . . after four hours of golf and some rest time at the motel, we headed downtown Guthrie to Stables Cafe.  One of my favorite kinds of places to be . . .full of memorabilia.  And known state-wide for their chicken fried steaks.  

More great times!  Even though they were fresh out of chicken fries!

Day 2 of Golf Oklahoma or The First Annual Konda/Henningsen Golf Oklahoma Vacation started out early on the golf course after a great breakfast at the motel.  Kudos to the Holiday Inn Express.  Great rooms, great pool, and great food!


What a great way to start the day - - - This course was named Aqua Canyon . . . LOTS  of water to deal with!!


 Wrapped up a very special mini-vacation with these two great people.  How blessed to have them in our lives.  One of Clay's first comments was, "we've got to get Todd's up here to golf".   Hard to do things with one of the kids and not wish that they both were there.  We will do it!    And anytime that we can all get together - we are blessed!

Thanks to a son in law who means the world - and thought to ask the in-laws along on the Surprise Trip!    Great memories made - we will treasure!

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  1. Looks like a fabulous trip with a great family. Even if you aren't a championship golfer, what a beautiful place to spend some time. You certainly are blessed.


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