Wednesday, September 24, 2014

50 IS the New 50 . . .

On a recent revamp of my sisters/I book club - T & T Book Club - I went first with the selection pick for September.  In honor of our quest to do things better in the second half of life - (after 50) I chose a book written by Suzanne Braun Levine.

With chapter titles like  - "Nothing changes if nothing changes . . . No is not a four letter word . . . Age is not a disease . . . and You DO know what you want to do with the rest of your lives . . . " I was excited to jump on this book and find out that many women out there are feeling the same way I am with this over 50 lifestyle.  

I was sadly disappointed - - - with her every now and again referral to the "F" word I was just turned off.  I honestly felt like the chapters grew longer and longer and said nothing . . . I would find a couple sentences and I'd get hopeful - oh here we go . . . but then . . . more mixed up content.   My sister did enjoy a few chapters - especially the one on saying NO - and we can all use help with this.  But that has not been my problem at any part of my life - is saying no to others - - - I don't do much of what I don't want to do . . . and I don't normally feel guilted into doing something that I really don't choose to do.  

Sorry Suzanne Braun Levine . . . although you did touch on a few good points . . . most of your outlook on life and family and marriage kinda well annoyed me.  

I shall move on to the next book on our T & T reading list - - - Tami has challenged us both with an interesting read that brings the old testament stories to life!  I'm excited!  

Someone wise has said . . . "Life is too short to read bad books . . . "   I did . . . and wish I hadn't.  


  1. I wasn't quite as put-off by this book as you were - but close. The F-word thing bugged me too - as well as a chapter on financially preparing for your inevitable divorce. I just didn't agree with her mindset - but I wouldn't call it a total loss - I got a couple good points that I need to work on. Maybe the point of this book, for us, was what NOT to do. :)

  2. I think it is so cool that you and Tami have this book club and that you are sharing your comments. even though you didn't really like the book, did it get you thinking about things that are static in your life, or that you don't want to continue for the next 50 years?


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