Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon is on . . .

One of my four favorite days of the year!!!   Spring Readathon - Christmas Eve - New Year's Eve - and today - Fall Readathon!  

I love to read the warm up posts and see how different readers prepare for the big weekend of reading fun!  I especially like to compare notes with my sister Tami at Just One More Thing who introduced me to the readathon a couple years back.  

I enjoy spending the week before the RAT doing a little extra housework and laundry so I can be guilt-free on Saturday at 7 a.m.   

I also made a trip to the grocery store to pick up some healthy snacks and some items to prepare some meals the easy way - - - I have a roast with vegetables planned for Sunday - - - and some chicken to roast today for lunch.  The hubs will be working and may not make it home for lunch so I can always resort to mac and cheese as well.  Another option I chose is to put together an oriental coleslaw salad and call it good!     Snacks consist of apples with peanut butter or sugar free caramel - - - or plain to share with our new puppy as a snack!  I also have a cucumber and some dip if I choose and bananas and some mixed fruit as well.   So - - - food - - - check.

My reading choices are all contained in this picture - 

My sister and I have a book club - and she has chosen Return to Me as our October book - so that is my main focus for the day.  The book is written by Lynn Austin.   It is a different read for both of us - an old testament true story put in novel form - I can't wait to start!  As you can see - I have my Bible ready for early morning devotions and prayer time.  And - I hesitated to add these magazines to my reading list because I wasn't sure it was part of the "rules" for RAT . . . but I'm risking it . . . I  actually "borrowed" these from my drs. offiice - - - while visiting there this week I found good articles in each one and decided to see if they were up for loan.  Time magazine and a guide to taking back your kitchen . . . talks about caregivers and Alzheimer's Disease . . . Real Simple Magazine has 76 greatest organizing tips of all time, Halloween DIY ideas and 18 easy fall meals . . . and WebMD just looked like a good resource on health, beauty, fitness, and family.    Please feel free to reprimand me if mags are not appropriate reading material for the RAT!  :)

Next preparation item was to find a charger for the Ipad that I am writing this post on right now!  It seems that grams left her charger in the motel room last weekend - - - so after a few phone calls and a rather impatient wait at the local phone store I was set!  

Lastly, and most interesting, is that I will be reading with a puppy in the house.  This will prove to be a challenge I'm afraid.   Hubs is having a busy season at work and so can't relieve me of my duties with the new doggie - but the weather looks promising and the fenced in back yard looks inviting - so Libby will spend some quality time outdoors with her big brother Roy.  

Well 7 hours still start time so I will get this post ready to go at 7 a.m. and I will see you all back for coffee and some great fun with books and challenges and snacks and . . . 

How did you plan for the RAT?

                       Roy and Libby

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  1. You can read the back of the cereal box if you so choose. No rules on reading. Sounds like a great plan -- enjoy!


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