Monday, September 8, 2014

How much is that doggie in the window . . .?

My mom used to sing that song to us girls when we were little . . .

     How much is that doggie in the window?  
     The one with the waggley tail . . . 
     How much is that doggie in the window?
     I do hope that doggies for sale!

As you know - we have had two dogs - Roy the big gray dog and his side kick the Boston Terrier. We lost Dodger earlier this summer due to an illness and have had a new puppy for one week and two days now.    So I am completely qualified to answer the question  . . how much is that doggie in the window . . . 

Other than the downpayment and remaining cost upon pick up . . . Having a new puppy costs:

A new bag of healthy - grain free - puppy chow - just for starters . . . 
A food and water dish - oh wait - two actually - because the first little inexpensive one was way to
     easy to be pushed around the room and spilled - - - so a heavy set was called for.

Small collar and of course a personalized name tag including our name, address and phone #.

Safe playthings and chew toys for puppies - - - Nylabone recommended!

And Also having a puppy costs:

     a few hours of sleep - - - I find myself somewhat drowsy at my desk in the afternoon!

     ENERGY!  I said to hubs, "Man the kids must have really helped with the previous pets!"
     He kindly reminded me, "And you were just 40".  Thank you for that.

     The satisfaction that our new carpet is free of any accidental happenings . .  

     Time . . . household chores take twice as long when you are keeping your eye on a
     house-training-in-process puppy.   Mopping has now become a game I guess . . . although
     it was not my idea!    Add in daily walks, time spent "outside" waiting,  and hours  playing 
     and I have found my "spare time" has disappeared.  

Yes - the doggie in the window has a price . . . and I am writing this post mostly because of the differences I have noticed in starting over having a new puppy without "real children" at home to entertain!  It HAS made a difference.     So as I have made it through one week of new "motherhood", I have certainly realized I don't move as fast - and as pain-free as before.

I also gave some thought as to "why" I wanted to do the puppy thing again.   Dog #1 was all for the kids - especially the oldest, a boy who had begged for a dog for years - to the point that he pretended he was one!  Dog #2 was to replace the empty nest when our youngest left home.  Someone for me to take care of . . . I did take great care of Dog #2 (all BT's remember).  and so why now?  I'm very comfortable with my empty nest now and so "why go to the work of another puppy?" I have been asked.  Here is what I think:  Dog #3 is me saying - "hey - I can still do this!"  Time is marching on - - - I wasn't ready to say that there wouldn't be anymore house dogs in my life - - - ever - - - and as much as I love the idea of adopting a needy puppy - we were also nervous about it - - -.I believe there is something in having a dog that is special to me because I didn't have one growing up at home.  I believed that dogs were diggers and chewers and stealers if allowed to roam.    Then I was given a large outdoor dog to care for - what a challenge for me . . . and it has gone great for the most part.  I began to think of myself as a dog person.  And I liked it.  I love the quote that suggests dogs bring out the best in a person.  We will love this girl and she will break our "old hearts" some day down the road when we have to say goodbye - so for whatever the reason we got her . . . she's here to stay and will some day be another great companion!

So as we start week #2 with our latest adventure . . . after a not so good Monday morning  . . .

Just kidding Just kidding!  


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  1. I've gotta give you props for doing the puppy thing again. I just threw up my hands and admitted that I'm too old to raise children or puppies. 😊 This stage will be short, followed by years if love from your sweet Libby.

    There is one other cost to that puppy in the window - they take our hearts. Such loving companions! Hope her high energy level mellows before yours is gone. You may have to call in a granddaughter for backup.


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