Sunday, March 1, 2015

Randomness vs. Intentionalism

Ha!  Did I just create two new words?  But I jotted these two terms down today because one is where I am finding myself lately . . . and the other is where I want to go.

Explanation . . . One of my co-workers and I try to cheerfully refer to a certain amount of paper work that ends up on our desks each day as our "randomness" . . . meaning that nobody wanted to take the time to deal with it so they send it to our department and we must dig our way through it . . .

Definition of random:

     Made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision.

That is how I have been living lately, randomly, certainly not methodical, and with no conscious decision in several areas of life.  I don't feel my best when living this way.

Definition of intentionalism:

     Oops, I see that intentionalism IS a real word, but it has nothing to do with what I thought . . . soooo I change that to intentional . . . and the definition is "having an aim or plan"  BINGO!

Couple these two words with a quote I ran across this week that basically said "anyone can decide to lose weight . . . but you have to then move . . . "  

This made sense to me and it's not a new concept . . . make a good plan, set a goal to aim for,  and then do it!!    Talk is cheap . . .

So . . . tonight I will finish up this blog . . . and go to sleep . . . no bedtime snack . . . tomorrow I am getting up and having coffee and a muffin . . . enjoy my day at work (spent quite a bit of the weekend at work) so the randomness won't frustrate me as much tomorrow . . . and best of all . . . counting down to Tuesday when the hubs and I take off for a little vacation . . .

Puerto Vallarta . . . here we come . . . I have a plan, I "intend" to have a great time!

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  1. Great post! And good vocabulary lesson. I had to look up intentionalism. :) There are several areas of my life where I tend to spend more time planning than acting. As we have learned in the exercise area - moving a little bit is better than not moving at all. That applies to the rest of life, also. Just because I can't have/do everything I want right now, just start --- quit making plans and do it!

    I love your term for the extraneous stuff that shows up on your desk. I think there is a place in life for randomness. I love the freedom to be random in crafting or reading, but it doesn't work well in housekeeping or on the job.

    Have a great time in Mexico!


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