Monday, March 9, 2015

We're not in Puerto Vallarta anymore Toto . . . but it was great fun!

Back home in Kansas . . . after having my toes in the water . . . and my toes in the sand . . .

This is God's beauty and it's unbeatable . . . but closely behind is this view for me . . . 

The pool that is beachside . . . you can see the swim up bar - - - which I did  - - - I spent a lot of time here - the first two days of vacation were overcast a bit - but the last three days were filled with clear skies and sunshine and about 85 degrees.  

I need to reevaluate my bucket list in life . . . but I was able to cross one item off and that is to swim in an infinity pool . . . We had made plans last fall to go to the Ozarks for a stay on a lake with infinity pool but I decided to have my gallstone removed instead . . . it was a good choice . . . 

Here I am at the infinity edge . . . water slightly runs over into another pool and is recycled through.

Another fun sight at the pool was this:  

Being a fan of reading . . . I loved finding three people - all alone in the pool one morning - - - reading . . . the third one isn't in this picture . . . 

Another couple of highlights for me - the Mexican Beach Party!  I quickly find myself though wanting to know how and when and where did all of this party come together . . . If I could retire I would become an event planner as a hobby . . . and I have my own assortment of Mexican items to use.  Last year I did an entire table setting for a church fund raiser . . . with spanish theme . . . I love the colors . . . 

Don't get the chance often to enjoy a little beach dress and great food on the beach.  Indian dance performers entertained with a ritual and then dancing to great music was the end of the night.

Another special evening event was titled "Tipsy Sweets" - - - can you make a guess what that was all about??

If you guessed desserts and alcohol you would be right!  Loved the dessert options all over the resort . . . small mini cheese cakes of all flavors, fruit tarts, strawberry delights, fruit kabobs, chocolate mousse, and banana creme brulee spoons . . . yum!  Two of our new friends are seen at our table, Roger and Donna Barrett and Steve and Pam Lilly . . .  Fun times!  Again . . . I took note of the table decorations and the idea of "tipsy sweets"!!

Hubs had a couple of fun picks . . . Fishing on the S.S. Minnow on a 3 hour tour . . . a little worry for me . . . but lots of fun for the guys and gals that went along!

And a sunset cruise through the Banderas Bay ended our vacation stay.   Other than several "Mexican minutes" delay while waiting on our boat to arrive . . . the evening was fun . . . I was happy to endure the cruise which was rocky . . . with no sign of dizziness!

The fishing crew!!

And our long awaited cruise liner!!

Time to go home!!

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  1. Can't believe I forgot to comment on your beautiful vacation pictures. Looks like a relaxing spot and a fun time. One of these years we'll get to go to the beach together instead of comparing pictures


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