Sunday, January 3, 2016

And the fun begins . . .

Happy New Year again and as I blogged on New Year's Eve one of the biggest changes I want to make this year is to make time for some relaxing fun projects.  It will be divided between reading and crafting.

Sewing is my first order of fun . . . oops I almost said first order of business . . . but that would sound like it is something on a "to do" list . . . although I do NEED potholders and I love the ones that I learned to make several years ago.    If you refer back to this post - you will see my sister Tami and my mom spent some time one weekend with some sewing projects, baby blankets, and the pot holders were a hit for me and my daughter.  She and I both are needing to restock.  So this afternoon . . . I cut l0 inch squares in preparation for a "Sister Weekend" coming soon in January where I will get some "instruction" again on making these.  

Cutting is one of my favorite parts - - - what is your favorite sewing project - - - or your favorite part?

Share pictures if you'd like!

Happy Sewing!

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