Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A stitch in time . . .

I have a list of five things that I will learn in 2013 and here I am adding a sixth item before I finish the first five! Me - Quilting?? Believe it or not - I decided after viewing all of the fun quilting projects I see on Pinterest, other blogs, and Mary Jane's Farm that I wanted to learn to do a simple project. Tami jumped right to the challenge and precut the material we needed and all!

This past weekend while they visited their son Mitch who was doing nursing clinicals at our local hospital - my sister Tami and her husband Dave stayed with us. While the guys did some golfing, Tami and I drank coffee, gabbed, and learned to quilt! We chose to make doll blankets for my granddaughter Elaine. She has an American Girl Doll named McKenna. Tami chose a pink and black print material and a blue and yellow that featured Winnie the Pooh.

The blankets were 2 x 3' in size and started with piecing together six squares.

To add more fun to the day, our mom came down to sew with us!

A lunch break with the guys, play breaks with the dogs in the spring like weather, and we were back to sewing for the afternoon.

I liked sewing the strips together - and I liked learning to cut with a rotary cutter. Then after ironing the seams in the correct direction . . .there are rules for that you know . . . we were ready to add the batting - tie the quilt - and then sew the binding.

Tami was a great teacher and quickly positioned the blankets - (she made one and I made one) across the sofa for a cute picture with my favorite childhood doll - - -

Day one of learning to quilt was over and it was a great day for me!! Looking forward to trying pot holders in a week when Dave, Tami and Mitch come back for another work weekend.

Blessings found in working with my hands and being thrilled at what I could do with a little help - or a lot of help, some good instruction, and some great encouragement!


  1. That's one thing on my "bucket" list. I will have to buy a new sewing machine to do it.

  2. It was sure a fun project - and great to spend time with you and mom. Can't wait for the next sewing session!

  3. Great looking blankets girls....keep up the good work and please keep sharing your projects with us.


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