Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Fling

It should be illegal to not blog post for over two months!  Especially when I blogged January 3 and said I was going to allow much more time for fun this year!!  Fun for me includes reading, blogging, coloring, and relaxing.

I'm declaring this Saturday Spring Fling - - - Spring does not begin officially until 3-20-16 but I am in a hurry and I'm having Spring fever.  I have been spending about half an hour every night after work in the back yard with the puppies - to my surprise my youngest puppy has learned to play fetch really well!  I have never had a Boston Terrier who would agree to give up the ball or bone or etc.  But Libby is doing it perfectly! 

First on the list I need to wash windows - - -fun? - - - no - - - but necessary for me to enjoy looking out!

Then for Spring Fling I started to collect ideas on Pinterest - under Spring Fling!  A new wreath for my front door - ideas for Easter baskets - and a spring cleaning challenge.  So . . . this Saturday I plan to work on the new wreath as my project.  The rest of the day will look like this . . .



                                                   Coffee                                Blogging

Would you like to join me in my Spring Fling?
Please do!
Check in with me on my blog where I will be posting fun challenges for ways you can enjoy a "Spring day"

3 prizes to be drawn for!!

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