Saturday, March 5, 2016

10:00 a.m. challenge . . .

I hope you enjoyed the devotional thought on spring cleaning our homes, but more importantly our hearts!  Just for fun before we move on . . . 

Can you complete this quiz?

And now moving on . . .

I am not a gardener . . . I totally rely on my sister Tami to supply me with fresh farm grown tomatoes each year and also "grandma's homemade chili sauce", salsa, and awesome plum jelly!  I do, however, love me some flowers!!

Each summer for years I filled my planters with annuals of all kinds - marigolds, petunias, spikes, vincas, geraniums, alyssum, and many others!

Last summer I slowed it down to a red, white and blue theme only.  Geraniums, wave petunias, and the nearest thing to blue I could find . . . really a shade of purple . . . and the name escapes me. 

This summer I plan to stick with wave petunias and some green filler like a spike or a fern.  Red and white it will be.  I have six planters to fill and one hanging basket.

Why do you spend the money on flowers?  Spend the time to plant them and then the time to water them?  

I assume you are like me - - - I get such a great joy at looking at them - the colors are so bright and they look so inviting.  Most of my flowers are on and near my patio.  One of the most peaceful places I go in the summer. 

Challenge #1 - For the next hour spend some time in "planning" either in your mind or actually on paper - your garden!  Be ready when you hit the greenhouse to go directly to the items you need . . . or it's just like grocery shopping . . . I end up with some beauties that I really don't have a place for!  I can't resist!  Then come back and reply in the comments how your planning session went and share what you hope your garden (flower and vegetable) will look like!

Happy Gardening!    Eligible for prize drawing if you can share a picture of your favorite flower or vegetable or a picture of what your garden has been in the past or your hope for this year!

Whose pretty porch is this??


  1. I recognize that porch! :D I also love red geraniums. They make me think of Grandma Wheat who, at some point, had them in her brick planter boxes. My flower plan for this summer is similar to yours - geraniums and greenery, and petunias. Last year I wasted money on some more exotic things that I obviously didn't know how to care for.

    A new addition this year will be sunflowers - a touch of Kansas here in Nebraska. I ordered a bush variety that only gets 3' tall (rather than the 6'-8' that standard sunflowers can grow) and have multiple blooms per plant. They will go along the front of the house and along one of the out-buildings.

    I have my vegetable garden planned out as well. After several years of experimenting and trying things that either failed to grow (peas and peppers) or that we didn't use in a timely manner (lettuce!). This year we will have three varieties of tomatoes (one for canning, two heirloom varieties for eating fresh), green beans, cucumbers (mostly for pickling) and canteloupe (Dave's favorite). We are also going to have a go at raising potatoes in a trash can - an idea I found on Pinterest.

    Hope to spend a little time on your relaxing patio this summer!

    1. Yes SW on the patio! For both the city mouse and the country mouse! We will have to go to both places. Your sunflowers will be beautiful! Can't wait to see. I would like to raise tomatoes - - - kind of have a spot out by the shed - not sure though if I want to do the work. Watering would be hard out there. Hmmm . . .


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