Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fiesta . . . now Siesta! Day 2

Six Flags Fiesta - San Antonio, Texas

Unlike Clark Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation - when the Henningsen's arrived at Six Flags Fiesta it was open!!!  I can relate to Clark in the picture here - how it would feel to drive 12 hours to find out the main event was closed!  

On our second day the plan was to meet for breakfast in the hotel - and then head out for a day at the amusement park!  

9 excited Henningsen's
8 swimming suits
7 eager "riders" - won't mention names of the two who refuse to throw their bodies into outerspace or ride upside down on thin rails!
6 hours of fun in the sun
5 burgers/fries 
4 feet of waves in the pool
3 gallons of green gatorade 
2 bottles of sunscreen
1 tired family!  1 great day!

As you can tell from the pictures below we had a great day of fun and we are blessed to have had the time with family.  

Side bar:  I joke now, but had a huge scare while in the wave pool.  Wonderful pool in the shape of the state of Texas - and much to our disappointment when we walked in to cool down - there were no waves. But still we headed to the deep end to soak up some cool water after a day on the rides.    I headed out to where the girls were and about the time I landed in the six foot deep water - the lifeguard stood up - blew her whistle - everyone cheered - and the waves began!!  I swam to the girls - or at least thought I would - but the waves hit me - surprised me at how strong they were - and I instantly lost my footing - couldn't breathe - couldn't swim - felt sooooo weak - - - and well I guess you could say - I panicked like you hear swimmers can do when they get in trouble . . . I hollered to my daughter Casey for help - she grabbed me - and another wave hit us - - - on the second try somehow she got me to the edge and I fought til I got to the ladder - then I cried.  Soon my son and son-in-law were there and all the girls - - - who knew that someone who can tread water for an hour in calm water - would react like this - - - I was stunned, embarrassed, scared, and a little mad.   Soooo thankful for my daughter who was close by - and for the whole family who gathered around . . . what will grandma do next???!!!

A few hours in the water and we were ready to head back to the hotel.  

After some snacks and drinks provided by the hotel - Embassy Suites - great place to stay by the way ... showers and fresh clothes - then we headed to The River Walk in San Antonio for dinner and some night life!  


  1. You much braver than I to even get in the wave pool! Thank heaven for kids. :)

    Love all those smiles. Looks like everyone had an awesome time.

  2. Great pictures, sounds like a good time is had by all!


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