Friday, July 19, 2013

"Remember the Alamo!" - Day 3

With the vacation wrapping up by Sunday - It was time for some shopping for souvenirs.  Academy Sports is one of Todd's favorite stores and his girls joke that they can always get him to take them there ANYTIME!  Tracy and Casey have a new found love for golf and so they spent some time at a new store called The Golfsmith.  All golf -  clothes - clubs - everything a golfer must have!

We also spent several hours at La Cantera Shopping Mall.  Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory was a great way to cool down.   Then it was time for the south Texas family to head for home in order to be back at work on Monday.  One fun surprise, our son decided to take his daughter Elaine on down with them for the month and to go on vacation with the family in two weeks.   Our daughter and her husband stayed with us another night.  

After the excitement with the wave pool - Casey and I decided to spend some time in the hotel swimming pool - - - absent of waves :)    

Spent the evening relaxing at the hotel - running out for a nice steak supper - and then headed back to get some sleep before a big day of driving. 

I have always struggled with what I call one of those "mom-things" but whenever I get my family away together on vacation - It gives me a lump in my throat when we come back home and they all go their separate ways.     I want to keep us all together as a "family unit" but that's not possible - so I write a blog to share my joy and look at pictures over and over!

The family decided this needed to be a yearly thing - so I look forward to where we might meet next time!!    I do know that we will all remember the Summer of 2013 - we will remember the Alamo - - - and we will not forget San Antonio!!  I am blessed with such a caring, loving family.  There is nothing better than happy times spent with family!

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  1. Family vacations really are a blessing - especially when they are stress free. You are blessed with some great kids!


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