Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday musings. . .

After vacations and 4th of July weekend - we were eager to get back to worship service today.

"There were two high school friends, now 30 years old, and they decided to have a class reunion.  They called all the classmates and someone said, "well where shall we meet?"  Another person said, "let's meet at The Burning Embers - it's a really up and coming place, very hip, very stylish, and everybody wants to go there!"  And they all agreed.

Then fifteen years later - when they were all 45 - they decided to have another class reunion and someone asked, "well where shall we meet?".  Another person says "let's meet at The Burning Embers because the food they serve is awesome!  And they all agreed.

Then fifteen years later - when they were all 60 - they decided they should get together again for a class reunion, and someone asked, "where shall we meet?"   One person said, "let's meet at The Burning Embers - It's a real quiet place to go and relax and visit."  And they all agreed.

Soon another fifteen years had gone by and they were all 75 but decided they should get the class together - and one person asked, "Where shall we meet?"   One person said, "let's go to The Burning Embers - it is handi-cap assessible!"   And they all agreed.

Then fifteen years later when the classmates were 90 years old, someone decided they should get back together for a reunion.  Some asked, "well where shall we meet?" and another person said - "Let's meet at the Burning Embers."  A classmate asked "Why should we meet there?"  and the man answered, "because we have never been there before!"   And they all agreed."

How's your memory?  Pastor used the above funny story to ask us the same question.  Do you remember the gospel message?  Jesus's life is not just a moral example for us - Jesus is still alive and he is our Savior.  He can help us live our life!    You've heard people criticize that "Christianity or Jesus is just a crutch!"    You can say to them - that is an understatement - Jesus is a stretcher  -  we need more than a crutch - - - we are DEAD - - - we are crucified with Christ.  If you remember the gospel message - you know that Jesus was presented to us as our Savior, not just a moral example.

I find that exciting and I needed to be reminded this morning that it's not just a story I believe - - - but it's a God that is still alive and ready to help me!  As I have talked about off and on the past year and a half - I'm in a battle to be healthier and to weigh less.  After a 30 pound weight loss/13 pound weight gain I am determined to get it right.  I have researched the food, the exercise, the lifestyle you need, etc etc and often - but not often enough - I just say God help me!   Our church is offering a 12 step program called Celebrate Freedom - for overeaters - I had talked with the pastor and his wife about this earlier and was thrilled and touched that they had followed through with looking into it and offering it to the church family!

I found great blessings today in my church family - our awesome pastor - and in our Savior who cares about the things that matter to each of us!

He cares about you too!!

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