Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon with a Twist!!

I am so excited for the Fall Version of Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!!!  24 hours - favorite coffee brewing at 7 a.m. - snacks on store - Diet Coke/Diet Sprite - Comfy chairs/blankets - Stack of books - Relax - Read - and oh yes - a 10 year old granddaughter alongside!

This will be my third or fourth readathon and I'm excited to join in with hundreds of others including my sister, Tami and my daughter, Casey.    

Soooooo . . . I had a decision to make . . . Readathon which I have looked forward to for a month already or picking granddaughter up on Friday night and having her to myself for the entire weekend!  Readathon vs. Granddaughter.     Believe it or not I weighed the two - well at least for fifteen minutes - - - little girl won.  

I prepared to tell my sister the disappointing news - - - but then we came up with a great idea!!!  I will involve Elaine in the Readathon!  She loves to read - always has at least two books in her back pack when she comes to stay and she gets excited about doing just about anything with Grandma!  So I am making special plans to enjoy the readathon at points during the day as well as spend precious time with her.  

Here is my plan so far:

7 a.m. - I will get out of bed and start the coffee.   Granddaughter will sleep.

I will have some time to read and check in on the blog sites for the first couple hours.

Then I have planned for some reading fun with Elaine.

     I will have her bring a book along that she will want to read.

     We will go to our local library and she can pick out some books to read.

     I will have her pick out a few books from "Grandma's Library" in     
     the basement to read to me.  

I also plan for some crafting fun!  

     One of my favorite books is Jan Brett's "The Mitten".  I think it will be 
     great fun for Elaine to read it to me and do a new craft technique I am 
     just learning called "Zentangles".  I found a cute Pinterest mitten sample 
     of Zentangle.   


     I have several other cute Zentangle designs that she can work on also.   
   If you want to learn more about the art of Zentangles - read here.

   Another book choice I will make is for Elaine to read her dad's favorite
   childhood book, "Benji, Fastest Dog in the West" and I thought this cute
   puppy craft would be a hit.

One last reading assignment will be to try reading on the Kindle!  I will let her find a book online and try her hand at e-reading.

After reading and crafts along with some cheerleading for fellow bookers we may have to take a time out for some outdoors play.  Last time Elaine visited we didn't have time for a lot of bike riding and so this time a few short rides are planned along with a picnic lunch down at the airport a couple blocks away.  There sits this picnic table and I think it looks like an inviting and interesting place to hang out!  

I will share with you the books I plan to read.  I have a mixture of Bible study, two novels to decide between and a short book on leadership that sounded really interesting!  I'm not planning on reading from my Kindle as little one will probably find a better use for the Ipad!

Here is hoping you join the Readathon!  A great 24 hours of fun!!


  1. Teri that sounds fun, but I'm not sure I'd get through it without interruptions here. If it's not the kids, it the animals. I may look into it anyway. I have had a stack of books to read, and have been reading on the treadmill due to lack of time elsewhere.

  2. Sounds like a VERY full readathon. Maybe you can sneak in a little more after she goes to bed? Or maybe Grandma will be snoozing while she's up reading? :) Glad you will still get to participate a little bit and get granddaughter time.


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