Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is a Readathon of 1 truly a readathon?

What do you think?  Maybe that would just be a day spent reading at home . . . But I think I shall try it anyway . . . I am inviting all of my readers to join me this Saturday, March 15 in a Spring Day of Reading.  Okay - so she's crazy you say - - - having a Spring Readathon and it will still be six days from official Spring.  I have Spring Fever!!

One of my focuses for 2014 is reading.   My sister Tami and I sponsored a mini-readathon earlier in the year for just the two of us and have moved forward with three books so far in the T & T Book Club.    If you will remember we each picked our own book to read in January and I still have not completed the book sorry to say  . . . the next month Tami chose for us both to read a Sarah Addison Allen book - - - I have yet to find one - but I did get a free bookbub choice this last week by her and plan to read it this weekend!  The March book was chosen by me and was a book given to me by a dear friend as a bon voyage gift on our recent trip to the Caribbean.  It is a feel good, pick it up and read-it-any time, beach side or patio, fun read!  It's called Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants!!  I intend to finish it soon - but it is just one of those books that are really great to carry with you or stop and rest and read a chapter or two - - - I'm in no hurry to finish it . . . it is great!!

So as you can see - I NEED a planned day of reading so that I can catch up!

Another plan that I have to enrich my reading this year is to be part of a reading challenge sponsored by a friend on her blog called The Worm Hole - check it out here.  Her challenge includes reading a book from different categories and it sounds very interesting - for instance - read a book that includes a reference to time in the title . . .

So - - - here is the plan - - - I will be up at the crack of dawn for coffee and devotions and I hope you can join me!!   Please leave a comment below if you can participate and I will be thrilled!!  I will put up a short let's get started post Sat. at 7 a.m. and I will check in every two hours with a fun challenge or discussion question for you!  Since I'm not real good with all the technicalities of a real readathon I will just have you leave comments and answers to the challenges on my post throughout the day.  We will keep it easy and informal.    I will draw for a prize at the end of the day  . . 7 p.m.

Happy Reading!



  1. P.S. Dear Friends . . . Must say . . . if it is nice weather . . . and since I am suffering from Spring Fever . . . I may take short breaks for a walk outside . . . a game of fetch with the dogs . . . a bike ride . . . or to hang clothes on the clothesline . . . so feel free to join me in that also! Like I said above - this is not your typical readathon - - - but my goal is to make some good progress on my books!!

  2. I'm in! At least as much as possible. Not sure if we are traveling this weekend - but I can always read in the car. I'm not doing much better on the T&T books. I read January - but didn't care for it. Am almost done with February and haven't even found the March book yet. Maybe we should change the name to Procrastinator's Book Club??

    1. Oh great!! Read while you are traveling and if you decide to stay home - well go sit in your new car and read anyway!!! I would!


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