Saturday, March 15, 2014

Welcome to my readathon . . .

Good early morning!  There are two things I dearly love to do on a Saturday . . . sleep in . . . and join a readathon!    This time the readathon wins - but I admit I may have to take a short nap later in the day.

If you are joining me for a day of reading fun - leave me a comment and check back every two hours for an update, challenging question, or maybe even a prize now and then!!  See my choice of these below!!

7 a.m. - coffee is done - - - let's do a little reading . . .

Question for you:  What did you choose to read today and why?  Do you have a reading goal for today?

Reading benefits a person in so many ways . . . and today you could add the benefit of winning one of these!!

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  1. My choice for today is electronic and free! My bookclub pick or February was to read a Sarah Addison Allen book. I discovered Waking Kate free from bookbub. It is a short story by SAA but looks like it will be good! My goal is to read it this weekend and I think I will be able to get that done! You have til 9 a.m. to leave your own comment here so let us know - what are you reading, why, and what is your reading goal for today? And thanks for joining in!

  2. I started by reading a few news articles to catch up on the world. Does that count? Now, I'm moving on to "The Short Cases of Inspector Maisgret" by Georges Simenon, which I'm reading for the Vintage Mystery Challenge. My goal for today is to finish it and finish "Lost Lake" by Sarah Addison Allen. I need to do a few housekeeping chores between chapters and maybe work on a knitting or sewing project for a bit also. Nice relaxing day - thanks for the idea.

    1. Glad you joined me! Clay just headed out to take care of the dead lilac bushes. I baked some muffins and have started on my SAA book. Catch you after while for another question or challenge!

  3. Question #2 for the 9 a.m. hour is this: Name one thing you have found interesting in what you have read this a.m. - Sounds like yours Tami might be from your devotions? Share if you'd like!

    1. Ooops - I don't know where I came up with devotions?? Maybe cuz you always start your day with them . . . but your book choices sound really good and so do the sewing projects! I have a surprise for let's say 1 p.m.

  4. What have I found interesting? Well, in my news reading I read an article by Dr. James Dobson that was fascinating, and a couple of news stories that made me wonder about the shape of our world. I read one short story (only about 10 pages) from my Maisgret book and, sadly, can't really say it was interesting. But onward to the next one.

    1. What I found interesting this morning was a quote from the book, Waking Kate . . . "She was always trying too hard and she knew it. It was starting to weigh on her. It seemed that every day lasted forever and was like a long day at work. All she wanted to do when she got home from work was lay down and sleep". I could relate to this, this winter and last winter as well, I think my husband and I both had a case of the winter blues he has been outdoors all morning with a smile on his face!

  5. Heading to the shower and out in the sunshine for a bit . . . our event for 11 a.m. is to try to spend at least 10 minutes between now and then outdoors with your book and a jacket is still needed!! What did you see outside that made you think "oohhhhhh I love to see the . . . " Share by 11 and catch you then!

  6. I went outdoors long enough to hand sheets and towels on the clothesline. Still a bit cool and BREEZY! But supposed to hit 70 this afternoon.

    I'm making progress on Lost Lake - SAA's books are always so good!

  7. Forgot to include my "ooooh" moment. I love that my clothesline is surrounded by lilac bushes - so even though I'm not as ready to be done with winter as most, I am glad to see the lilacs greening up - love that scent!

    1. I love lilacs too - and sad to think that Clay is hauling ours off - they froze last spring and they became so ugly and scrawny and hung into the alley - I'm making good progress on Waking Kate - I'm reading it on my Kindle which is kinda fun. Too chilly here too to sit outside - but like that you made it out and noticed the beauty of God's world!

  8. Okay all of my fellow readers (reader) :) It's book report time - so enjoy some lunch and some reading as you can for the next two hours - return with a short character description of your fav in the book you are reading. Those who participate will win a prize!! See you at 1 p.m.

    1. Well I will go first as Tami is waiting her turn for the computer to respond and that is a good thing . . . I just finished reading Waking Kate. It was a short story by Sarah Addison Allen. I was eagerly flipping to the next part or chapter and it was done!! The story was over!! I had to regroup in my mind and reevaluate the entire story - and yes it did make a complete short story . . . but I wanted to hear more!!!!! I noticed that at the end the main character and her daughter were heading to Lost Lake and there is an entire other book by that title - so I will be getting that next! Very fun read - - - I loved Kate - but didn't fully understand her until I realized that the story was over. Laugh if you will - but I guess I am not used to a short story format - - - and you approach it and read it differently in your mind - - - I was all the time thinking in my mind of where all this story was going to go! Do you do that when reading? Still I gave it five stars. I won't share anymore about Kate as I will give away the storyline - short storyline :) Now on to another book!!

    2. Well, things make so much more sense now. :) I am reading "Lost Lake" at the moment and the first chapter was about Kate's "awakening". I just took a glance at the short story and it is NOT part of the Lost Lake book, but a "prequel" - probably published in order to get people to buy the full book. Guess I should have read that first, but since I'm almost done with the book - I'll do it backwards.

      As far as my favorite character - I am reading two books today. The hero of one is Inspector Maisgret - and while he is a genius at solving crimes, he's rather one-dimensional and cold. Like Teri, maybe it would help if I was reading a full novel rather than a collection of short stories.

      In Lost Lake, I love Kate. She is a widow who has been "taken over" by her mother-in-law and is slowly awakening to take her life back. I love the independence and self-assurance she is finding.

      I haven't gotten as much reading done as I had planned - keep getting sidetracked by knitting and cleaning, but I'm headed back to Lost Lake now.

    3. Oh I love it that you and I can tie these two books together!! I am going to have to buy Lost Lake - or see if my library can get it. Okay so a decision has been made after much pondering and Tami Erwin you are the 1 p.m. prize winner!!!!!!!!! You can have your pick of the Avon Gift Certificate worth 15.00 or the 15.00 Itunes card and I think I know your pick! Anyone who hangs around with me til 5 p.m. receives a "You Did It" award prize as well!! Have a restful afternoon of reading and oh I must wash a couple of windows out in the warm sun! But check back at 3 p.m. with an answer to this:

      1. Best book you ever did read.
      2. Favorite spot to go to and read.
      3. Person you think inspired you to be a reader.
      4. One book you wish you had never read and why.
      5. What book are you just dying to read next?

    4. 1. Best Book - The Calling of Emily Evans by Janette Oke.
      2. Favorite Reading Spot - My recliner.
      3. My Reading Inspiration - Sister Tami of course.
      4. The Shack - - -too sad and I don't want to read about such things.
      5. After today I can't wait to read Lost Lake. Then Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

    5. These are tough questions.

      1. Best Book: I can't possibly pick just one. I have favorites from different genres, different times of life, different interests...

      Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
      And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmeyer
      The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
      11/22/63 by Stephen King
      Mrs. 'Arris goes to Paris by Paul Gallico
      The Wednesday Witch (a childhood favorite)
      The entire "Cat Who" series

      ....I could list hundred.

      2. Favorite reading spot: slouch on the couch! With a Diet Coke and a bowl of popcorn/apples.

      3. My reading inspiration: Wow. I have no idea. I have been an avid reader since I learned how - and I don't know why. I give big props to my mother (who is NOT a reader) for supporting me by buying books and trips to the library. My high school English teacher, Mrs. Pat Jones, opened my eyes to a wider variety of books, as did Dave's Aunt Ginger Roach. The on-line book community has also been a great inspiration and "friends".

      4. Book I wish I hadn't read: There are always books that get great reviews or even win awards (The Sense of and Ending by Julian Barnes) that I think are just awful and hate that I wasted my reading time.

      The recent trend of self-publishing has produced a flood of poor-quality gibberish disguised as novels. The ones I got suckered into reading to review lead me to pledge never to read another one.

      And "The Amityville Horror". I was a horror story nut in my younger days, so i checked it out of the public library. To this day, I will not sleep if my husband is also sleeping on his stomach. If you've read the book, you'll get why. If not - you don't want to know. That book seriously messed me up for life. :)

      5. What I can't wait to read: That's also a loooong list, but the one that comes to mind first is the Mary Kay Andrews Christmas book sitting on my "borrowed from the library" shelf. I loved her "Blue Christmas" so, even though it's a little past the season, I can't wait to get to "Christmas Bliss".

    6. Loved your answers! Oops I napped!!

    7. TODAY'S readathon is winding down and it was a really nice day! Thanks for participating Tami! And as promised if you made it through to the 5 p.m. hour you get a special I Did It Reward and you can now choose your prize!!

      As i mentioned above I napped for an hour and came upstairs to totally different weather - wind is howling and it's cooler - tomorrow is to be a nasty day - so I'm glad that we did a readathon that allowed for outdoor breaks and chore breaks!!


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