Saturday, March 1, 2014

Snow snow go away . . .

What would keep someone up until 3:30 a.m. on a Friday night when earlier in the evening I could hardly stay awake???

This will surprise you if you know me well - but the answer is "sewing" . . . shocking right ?

Actually I have been doing some reorganizing of bathroom cupboards and kitchen cupboards.  I took down the last signs of winter in my home - my little Christmas red bird and my winter/Christmas cloth moose.  I want spring and more directly summer to arrive!  

So much so that I hung my spring wreath on the front door.  

Many of my friends and fellow blogger friends are so amazingly talented and they show us their projects and I am amazed that these already-busy women find the time - make the time to sew and craft and decorate.    And that's a good thing Martha!

As I mentioned above I hung my spring wreath - it was a project that I did last spring and one that I found here on Pinterest.

I FEEL better just knowing it is hanging there all bright and cheery!

Now back to the sewing - Have you heard of prayer flags?  You can google it - but my sister Tami is the one who told me about them.  She has been making several - for her children, her father-in-law, etc.   I am presently working on one for my youngest granddaughter.  She will soon be moving to a new town and a new school and my prayer for her is that God watch over her and protect her heart.  

The idea about prayer flags is to construct a flag  -  (and there are no special rules on size, shape, or color, etc) - that represents the person you are praying for or your prayer for them.  Then you can hang it outside and "let the breezes lift your prayers to heaven".  I like that thought.  

After 3 failed attempts - I started all over tonight!  And I'm very pleased with how it looks.  Now tomorrow I will hone in on the exact scripture verse I will add to it - and then get further instructions from the creative one in the family.  Tami suggests some kind of iron on bonding stuff?? to attach the different materials and embellishments to the flags.  

Well its time for bed for me - - - or is it time to get up???  Luckily it's a weekend!!!  So I will be sleeping in a bit and then up to enjoy coffee, devotions and hopefully NOT a blizzard!  Have a great weekend!  

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  1. I'm so proud of you for finding time to create - even if it is in the middle of the night. :) Prayer flags have been a blessing to me - they give me a chance to "do something" with my prayers. Your flag for Elaine is beautiful and really reflects your prayer for her.


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